2012 Manga Taisho Award goes to…


Silver Spoon

The young boy named Yugo Hachiken apparently aspires to live separated from his family. So he takes his chances by enrolling to an agriculture school, one which requires its students to live at a dormitory. He thinks, with his talent in studying, no problem will arise no matter what kind of school he goes to. But he is proven wrong. Grown up as all-easy-to-get city boy, he is forced to uncover not-too-convenient truths about agricultural life. Enjoy the story of Hachiken, as he is trying to keep up with his friends, farmers’ heirs who are already accustomed to hardworking farm life.

Runner Ups

I Am Hero – Kengo Hanazawa

“Hideo Suzuki is a thirty-five year old mangaka assistant struggling to be the hero in his own life by breaking back into the lime light with a new serial all the while juggling his relationship with his girlfriend and his own delusions. However, as hard as Hideo may try, the world seems to have a different set of plans for him; sinister and dark machinations that completely overturn his reality as he knows it.”

Aku no Hana – Shuuzou Oshimi

Takao Kusuga steals a pair gym clothes of the girl he likes, the next day the girl that sits behind him reveals that she saw everything. Now if he doesn’t form a “contract” with her, she is going to tell.

My beloved manga has become Licensed! [Vertical (US)]

Gurazeni – Yuji Monotaka, Keiji Adachi

No info… Sports

Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso – Naoshi Arakawa

Kousei Arima was a piano prodigy until her mother’s death, as a result of which became incapacace. The meeting with the violinist Kawori Miyazono will bring a new light in his life.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju – Haruko Kumota

The only info I could find on this read, is that it was the “second most read” manga by female audience in 2011.

Giga Tokyo Toy Box – Ume

The sequel to Tokyo Toy Box, the original premise goes around Tengawa Taiyô (the sun in Japan), a great (but unrecognized) game creator and the boss of his own development studio (but he’s in debt). He then meets a nice young woman, but she comes to turn his loser company.

Takasugi-san-chi no O-Bentou – Nozomi Yanahara

Takasugi Harumi is a 31 years man, and even thought he has a collage degree, he is unable to find a job. One day Miya, Harumi’s aunt, a sister like woman to Harumi, died suddenly. Harumi had a 12 years old daughter, kururi, and now that her mother’s dead, she has no one to rely on. Harumi has to take care of Kururi now but her heart was keeped closed. “Obentou”, a lunch box made reasons to get closer to each other. Each lunch box has there feeling, love and there heart in to it. This is a lovable heartful story..

Tonari no Seki-kun – Takuma Morishige

The boy sits next to Yoko in class, Seki-kun is always up to something at his desk.  He manages to somehow play very elaborate games without attracting the teacher’s attention.  From dominos, to shogi, to go, to mecha modes, to playing with cats and more, he always has something new to do.  Yokoi often finds herself getting reluctantly interested in his games, even though they always seem to end up getting HER in trouble with the teacher!

Drifters – Kouta Hirano

The story of Drifters takes place during Japan’s Sengoku period (roughly XV to XVII century), a time of constant warring between the island’s states, and a natural setting of choice for samurai stories. A young samurai on verge of death suddenly finds himself into another, fantastic world, alongside important military figures from history.

25-ji no Bakansu – Haruko Ichikawa

A researcher involved with his laboratory in underwater research, takes a break to visit his brother. We’ll see what happens when they decide to go to the beach at one o’clock in the morning. The manga is part of a collection of short stories by Haruko Ichikawa which also “Mushi to Uta”, for a total of 2 volumes.

Hibi Rock – Katsumasa Enokiya

No info provided.

Hōzuki no Reitetsu – Natsumi Eguchi

No Info provided.

Getenrou- Ishiguro Masakazu

Strange people live in a building called Getenrou. There’s boys looking for erotica, a space officer, robots…and then a murder happens…? Officer Sakuraba Saeko is following two siblings who hold the key to solving the mystery, and begins an investigation of her own. What her “sloppy” logic clears up is an astonishing truth hidden in Getenrou.

Nobunaga Concerto – Ayumi Ishii

History classes have never interested Saburo. He never saw the point of learning something that happened in the past, let alone a few hundred years ago. But when he falls off a wall, he travels through a wormhole and ends up in 16th century ancient Japan. He meets a very young Oda Nobunaga, one of the most influential figures in Japanese history, who turns out to be identical in appearance as Saburo. The real Nobunaga, sick of the castle life and wanting to travel, orders Saburo to take his place. Without knowing how to get back to his time, Saburo tries to make sure history isn’t rewritten for the infamous Oda Nobunaga.

 There is talks of Silver Spoon getting ‘green-lit’ for a Anime Series.

Congrats to Silver Spoon for winning and to all the Runner ups for being nominated!  😀

I would love to see


I Am Heroturn into an Anime Series!  This read is awesome.   (2013 Winner? 🙂 )




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