reading ROOM – Saku-Chan to Nozomi-Kun Chp. 1

Shoujo, School Life, Romance, Childhood Friends

Mangaka/Artist:  Kujira

Year:  2016

Original Publisher:  Kadodawa

Licensed in English?  No

Volumes:  2 (complete)

Note:  I’m not really a ‘finger quote’ a Shoujo type of Gal… but – I do sometime come across a read that piques my interest.

Now that I got that out of the way….

We find  the two children, Onodeara Saku and Nishioka Nozomi arm wrestling and Saku-chan pledges a unrequited love for him.  Moving to their present High School days, Saku-chan meets up with Nozomi-kun to study in a library.  Saku is not focusing on their studies and she’s caught by Nozomi-kun.  She was thinking about how all the girls before her that confessed to him and she didn’t want the next girl to confess before she could.  On their way home, with a flush with red face, she begins her confession and Nozomi rejects her immediately before she could get her whole sentence out.  She felt that she sued “friendship” as a cover for years and resent herself for doing so.

Back in the Past

to six years ago where Saku lost her brother in a traffic accident.  Both her parents were overcome with grief; so much so that Saku cut her began dressing as a boy to help with her mother’s sorrow.  She decided to take her dead brother’s place.


She’s now a tomboy.  In elementary school, she continues to dress and act as a boy and one of her favorite thing to do is, arm wrestling with another classmate, Arikawa.  In the row of seats across from her sits a long hair boy – Nishioka Nozomi.  Arikawa doesn’t like Nozomi; he picks at him and calls him “Kamaoka” (referencing gay or effeminate man).  To take the edge off, Saku proposes a match with him so.  If he wins, he proves he’s a man inside (giggle) and that he could have Arikawa’s pudding along with hers.  The bells rings and they didn’t get to do the match.  Arikawa kicks at Nozomi and continues to do so while calling him Kamaoka until Nozomi quickly stands up with a pair of scissors in his hand and proceeds to cut his hair.

He, Nozomi had a smile of satisfaction on his face.

Going home for the day, Saku walked with some other girls and the talk was on measurements for the middle school uniforms.  Saku had to go that day.  This particular day was the six anniversary of her brother’s day.  Arriving at the Student Uniform storm, she walks in and there is a close trimmed cut Nozomi.  She taken aback that all the long hair is gone.  She sits and wait for her turn.  Her thoughts were on how she would never be a boy.  If she was, she would be wearing her brother old uniform and her mother would perhaps look her way.  At the same time, her stomach starts hurting.  Going to the bathroom, she realized that her period had started.  She tells the Seamstress in the store she wasn’t feeling well and was going home for the day.  The Seamstress instructs Nozomi to walk her home.  He asked her if it was “that sort of stomach ache?”

that sort of stomach ache as in a good poop?  LOL

Nozomi takes off his outer shirt and wraps it around her waist taking her by surprise.  She informs him that they were close to her house and he tells her he was going back to the store and that she wet her pants.  Saku dreaded going inside the house.  It meant facing her mother and telling her about her menstrual cycle.  Her mother was in the room sitting in front of an altar for her deceased brother.  Saku tells her mother and she gets up and opens a drawer to give her a pad or a tampon.  She then states that the school would educate Saku about having a menstrual cycle.  After freshening up and washing her soiled panties, she lays across the bed holding on to Nozomi’s shirt and wonder if he would be at school the next day.

To which he showed up.  She wanted to explained about the previous day when they were interrupted by Arikawa yelling Kamaoka.  Nozomi walks away.  Arikawa is mad at Nozomi and Saku mad at Arikawa.  In class and it’s time for PE Class when someone pushes Arikawa into Saku and her purse with pads or tampons drops to the floor.  He picks it up, looks inside and asked her blatantly, if she had her period.  all the kids in class looks their way.  Saku tries to retrieve the purse and Arikawa hides it behind his back and stated that she was a girl because girls get periods.  Saku receives a sharp pain in her stomach and falls to her knees.  Nozomi pushes through the other students, grabs Saku’s purse and asked Arikawa was he ashamed of himself doing something like that to a girl.

A while later, Saku is waking up.  She’s in the nurse office.  The Nurse inform her that she had called her home and it was best for Saku to get some rest for the rest of the day.  She thanks the nurse and heads back to class, where Nozomi was the only student there reading a book.  He told her that the always stayed after class to read and then asked if she was okay.  She said that she was and wanted to “thank” him for some things.  He told her to stop it.  He said Saku always gave him the feeling of always trying to sound rough on purpose.  She asked if that was so and he said yes and it was weird.

She asked him why did he keep his hair so long and that the short cut suited him better.  He told her, he did it for his Mother who always wanted a girl.  He goes on to say how he was glad that he cut and thank Saku for the compliment.  With a smile on his face, he suggest that they arm wrestle.  Struggling with all their might, Nozomi wins in the end.  Both laughed and Saku’s thoughts were on the fact she would’ve hated to lose to any boy, but somehow losing to Nozomi was alright.

End of Chapter 1.


Such a cute read thus far.  Even though it was only the first chapter, I see that it’s a well thought of and developed story.  Making me look forward to the next chapter.  But I gotta tell, the Arikawa character got on my nerves!!!  It wasn’t about him not liking Nozomi per se, it was about him (do I dare say it?) having feelings for Saku.

Back in grade school as I remembered it, if a boy liked a girl, he beat her up! 😆

So that’s it in a nutshell.  See you in the next Chp. 2.


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