Back to Square One…

After a meltdown of my site and literally losing it to a “Database Error Connection”, along with my SSL Certificate acting up, here I’m at back to square one.  Starting over.  LOL after all these years, it’s a do over.

I’m good.  Sometimes it’s best just starting over.

Yes, it’s going to be alot of work making posts, blah, blah, blah; however, it’s going to be a new adventure.  I’ve been reading so much that I have a wide variety of reads to get me started.  Which one will be the first, oh I don’t know.  I’ll go through my list.  Something will pop.  I’m quite sure.  🙂

After working on getting everything together, putting this new site – design together, I’m going to take me a much needed break so I can relax and get my thoughts together.  Then I’ll be back to make a post!  Yessss!!!


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