m-ReViEw: Kimi ni Aisarete Itakatta

Drama, Psychological, School Life,
Tragedy, Bullying

Shiruka Bakaudon


Original Publisher(s):
Futabasha, Shinchosha

Licensed in English?

3 – Ongoing



Meet Kanae, a high school struggling to fit in.  During her middle school years, she was relentlessly bullied because she was the quiet, studious type.  Due to this she has develop such a inferiority complex that it’s beyond real.  If the girls in the group teased or laughed at somebody, she would too — just enough though.  At a group date, Kanae desperately wants to leave and in the group, a boy named Hiroshi takes notice of her.

8 chapters in, and whoa… now, really don’t know why I picked up this read.  Something about the cover made me do so.

But after seeing the next page, I thought I owed it to myself to keep reading just a bit more… 8 chapters in, and i have to say it’s a pretty good read.  Now I don’t know how Kanae holds it in from day to day.  Seems like the poor girl can’t catch a break.  You would think that a parent would notice her strange behavior… no; she’s a contributing factor as well.  A wonder she hasn’t gone psycho on everyone around her (but then again – I only in 8 chapters deep).


Like I stated, 8 chapters in and I’m hoping there’s going to be a silver lining popping up soon.  The poor child deserves a break if only for a little bit.  And in walks the male protagonist – Hiroshi.  Baseball player and handsome.  Was concern about her after meeting her when he stumbled upon her kneel over with tears in her eyes.  He starts to like Kanae… but

While he likes her, there’s another that likes him.

That being said, Kanae’s world all starts to crumble.


Overall, Kimi ni Aisarete Itakatta is a pretty good read.  Truly on the tragic side and thus far from what I’ve read, it’s not pretty.  It’s really not.  Makes me wonder how much of, if any, if some of this is true to life when it comes to the bullying, desperate to be socially accepted and belief in one’s self.  Well written and I like the art and the detail the Mangaka put into it.

I may pick this up and do chapter reviews.  I probably will.  😉

Overall Score:  8.0%

Readability Score:  In my opinion, 0.01%  (After I finish this read, I don’t think I would be re-reading it).


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