I’m such the MangaWhore!

Once upon a time ago, I was an avid Anime lover.  I mean, I loved myself some Anime!  Would get it any way that I could… Downloaded it, watched it online, even seeded torrents to get the Anime.  And then one day, I picked up a manga and that was the end of Anime!

Traded in my Anime card for Manga.

Manga is like my lifeline.  Can’t do without it.  Add a big mug of coffee and I’m off lost somewhere in mind with the two loves of my life: Coffee and Manga!

This is what this site is about; manga I’m currently reading/read, that good read, the read that’s consider re-readable and reads that I recommend and other stuff.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed what my site have to offer. 🙂