A day in the life of…


Revised:  LOL!!!!  I must’ve been half sleep when I wrote this post!  (9:10 pm)


Sorry for a delay in posts going up.  My dad was sick  and  I was out of town.  Read some one-shots from the latestGangan Online mag and others and that’s what I’m presently working on.  You know… sometimes one-shots should be made into series!  😛  Probably gonna take me a day or two to post, but a post shall go up!

Also, watchedSupernaturalFriday nite, and can it really be true…

Bobby Singer is no more?  Like he went off the great Hunter’s Club in the skies?  (LOL)

Off to get some shut eyes… been up all night with my little niece (8 months) because the little chick refused to go to sleep!  =(



Other than trying to be a Normal Human Being, I'm all about Manga, Anime, blogging, online friends and a big cup of Coffee!!!

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