Once upon a time ago, I was a “ocean-in-deep” die hard Anime watcher.  Motto used to be “couldn’t live without my Anime.”  And then… slowly but surely, I began to read Manga.  Only sticking to the Genres that I know and love, I open myself up to a wide range of Genres.
And then what happen?

Will  read a Manga, before I watch Anime!  360 degree change around.  Still love my Anime, but I’ve become such theMangawhore!

The End. 😛

Ahhhh… there’s nothing like a good manga!  Memoirs of  a MangaWhore… I’ll be sharing with you — the reader, all the manga that I’m currently reading[All Genres],along with some “reading recommendations” and any news-related manga talk.

Note:  There will be an array of different years – the years the Manga was published, written, etc.  But that’s what make it all the more fun!  To be able to read manga from yesteryear to present.  So some of the Manga that I’ve review(ed), you probably read it already.  But I know there’s aMangaWhore in Training out there somewhere…  😛

That’s it in a nutshell.

Laters.  😉

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