Aku no Hana: Chp 18: The Sun


Chapter 18 starts off with Kasuga has been scolded by his parents.  His mother cried profusely and his father wanted him to reflect on what he had done and they [parents] would go to Nakamura and Saeki houses and apologized for what their son had done.

Now, a month has passed since the incident and summer has begun.  At school, the students are all at the school’s pool, and Kasuga crosses path with both Saeki and Nakumura and all are not talking to one another.

Nakamura, being Nakamura was floating carefree in a lane and the teacher blew his whistle and called out for her to get out of the water.  Approaching him, she grabs ahold of the whistle and told him his beeping was f*cking annoying and he was aPigeon Bastard.  [Ha!]  Everyone noticed that her attitude was getting worst, and she was getting meaner and intolerable to be around.

After school, Kasuga is chased down by Mai-chan  with Saeki tailing behind, wanting to know what was his problem with Saeki.  Exasperated, Mai-chan wanted to know why Saeki went missing had to have the police searching for her and why was Kasuga neglecting her.  He apologized to Saeki for the past events and stated there was someone else more suitable for her.  Saeki replied that she understood and they should break up.  As the two girls walked away, Mai-chan turn around and told Kasuga he was the worst.

Later that night at an awkward dinner table, Kasuga excused himself from the table without touching his food.  Both his parents are at a lost on how to deal with their son.  Inside his darkened room, he stares at the disarray of it.  Books were all over the floor and his bed was unmade.  He fell to his knees and puked inside a bag.  He was alone and suffering in his own way and felt it was fine that way.

Just like this, it’s fine if I will… shrivel up and die in this city all alone.. without going anywhere…

In a dream, he’s walking through a field of long eyelashes and eyeball flowers, he sees a sitting Nakamura and rushes over to her.  She turns and he called her name.  All of a sudden, the flowers takes off in flight and Nakamura told him, she believed that he would shed off all of his layers and follow him to the other side and then called him a liar.  She walked away and he calls after her and then wakes up.

In Kasuga reality, he reasoned Nakamura was so angry was because she was angry at him and hurt…  also, Saeki-chan was someone who could live happily without him, but… Nakamura by herself, would she be able to live the rest of her life.    He continued to rationalized that she [Nakamura] has such a painful life than he and yet he was someone she believed in.

With feverish thoughts, he decided that he was going to write a composition and vow that he wouldn’t let Nakamura be alone.

End of chapter 18.

Well… what a twisted change of events.  So now, Nakamura is someone that’s to be needed by him.  Glad to have my twisted little read back!



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