Aku no Hana Chp: 7 Rampage


Kasuga and Saeki go on their first date with Nakamura tagging behind, watching Kasuga’s every move and calculating his measure of happiness.

Two blushing, non-talkative Kasuga and Saeki are on their date and walking to the book store.  Kasuga can’t believe that he’s on his first and it’s with Saeki.  His happiness was overshadowed by her gym clothes he’s wearing underneath and the fact that Nakamura was lurking behind them like the worst stalker-chan.  Her words of peeling off his skin [seeEp 6 post] rang in his head and he knew that she was plotting something.   Saeki noticed that something was bothering Kasuga and asked him what was wrong.  He played it off like there was nothing wrong.  She told him she was looking forward to seeing the bookstore he was taking her too.  The uneasy feeling he was having from Nakamura following them, he tried to tell himself to forget it and that the happiness he was experiencing,  only came once in a lifetime.


They finally reached the bookstore where Kasuga got all ‘book-wormy’ like.  He started naming off Authors and books that Saeki had no idea what and who he was talking about.  She made a comment that he really loves books and what was his favorite.  He immediately rushes over to a shelf and picked upThe Flowers of Evil.  Saeki stated the title was scary and Kasuga replied that the really scary stuff was inside of the book and he first read the book in his first year of middle school and it had changed his whole perception of the world.

The me who didn’t know anything at the time was an idiot.

He looked over at Saeki after reflecting and his eyes zeroed in on her chest.  He marched over to the counter and brought the book for Saeki, stunning her for a bit. Guess she’s not into books like he is?Out the corner of his eye, Kasuga see Nakamura outside the bookstore beckoning him over to her.  He became flabbergasted and immediately excused himself  and ran out the store.  In the alley next to the store, Nakamura began her malicious verbal attack on him.  She said he looked like he was having fun and where did he come off trying to act so cool when he was wearing her gym clothes underneath his.  She wanted to know how did it feel wearing the gym clothes and on a date with the owner; the g-clothes that stuck to Saeki’s skin; the clothes that were soaked with her sweat were now clinging to his body.  Nakamura is too close for comfort for Kasuga.  She continue by telling him that his heart was beating crazy and his brain was turning to mush — as expected of a pervert.

Kasuga-Kun, of those many layers of skin of yours I’ll be stripping one off today…

With a wicked lustful smile on her face, she told him at the end of the date, he had to kiss Sakeki.  Kasuga violently shook his head “No.”  She taunted him by asking him how he wanted to do it –give Saeki a kiss.  She repeated the word ‘kiss’ a couple of time as if the word itself was turning her on.  She wanted him to kiss Saeki while he was wearing her gym clothes.  Kasuga was trembling and her perverted self thought he was trembling from excitement.  She told him to accept the fact that he was a f*cking perverted bastard and to let it all out,  otherwise he was going to hell.



Saeki exit the bookstore looking for him.  He was looking flustered and she asked what was wrong.  He replied that he had to step outside for some fresh air and laughed nervously.  The two went to get something to eat, and he peer over his shoulders to see Nakamura.  After eating, they sat in a park while Nakamura watched from behind a tree.  Saeki told him it was almost time for her to go back.  She thanked him for the book and she had a good time.  She commented that he was a mysterious person and wanted to know if they could go out again.  He was shocked that she wanted to hang out with him again.   Nakamura’s face lit up like a x-mas light.  Her words of him being a perverted bastard and wanting to kiss Saeki took over his thoughts.  Staring at Saeki’s lips, Kasuga broke down. He screamed that he was not a pervert.  Gathering up courage, he asked her if she wanted to go out with him —in a platonic way.He closed his eyes tightly and waited her answer.   “Yes.”  Saeki told him yes provided that if it was alright with him.  The turn of events was a blow to a stunned Nakamura.



End of chapter.

Kasuga gets a reward… he’s gets one of his balls back for defying Nakamura and then asking Saeki out — even though it’s strictly platonic.

Good chapter.  Okay… 8 more posts to go and I’ll be all caught up.  Yay! :mrgreen:



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