Aku no Hana Chp 8: Confession

Happiness can be overrated when you have a crazed person shadowing you.  In this chapter 8, Kasuga showed how happy he was confessing to Saeki and Nakamura steps in…

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Kasuga still can believe Saeki said “yes” to his confession.  As long as Kasuga was okay with somebody like her, she was okay having a platonic relationship with him.  Those words kept playing over and over in his head and his imagination ran wild — an Angel descended down and askedIf you are okay with someone like me…Saeki said she was somewhat happy and this was the first time someone had confessed to her.  Moved by her words, Kasuga eyes began to tear up and he claimed he was happy; really happy.  However, Nakamura was not.  She peered at them behind that tree seething in disgust.
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The happy moment was ruined by Nakamura who rushed in and poured a bucket of water on Kasuga and then ran away leaving a shocked Saeki and Kasuga.  His shirt became transparent from the water and the gym shirt could be seen with Saeki name on the front. Saeki asked Kasuga was he okay and he yelled at her not to look at him as he tried to shield the front of his shirt.  Nakamura calling him aPerverted Bastardrang in his head.  He jumped up shield himself like a girl and told Saeki that he remembered that he had to do something and he would see her in school the next day and he ran off leaving her there puzzled.  Running, he could not believe that Nakamura did that to him.  Fear engulfed him when he thought of the fact Saeki could’ve seen the gym shirt through the wetness of his clothes.  In his head he screamedF*ck you Nakamuraseveral times.  Turning a corner, he ran dead smack into her.  He told her what she did was horrible.  She replied  by telling him he was a betraying bastard and he was “only”  supposed to kiss Saeki and what was he doing confessing to her.  Kasuga tried to prove his actions; he stated he didn’t have any intentions of kissing Saeki to begin with, because he was not that type of person.
An angry Nakamura ripped Kasuga a “new one.”  She told him even though he wanted to kiss her and got excited by wearing her gym clothes, even though he was a slimy super f*cking perverted piece of sh*t .  Kasuga cut her off by telling her it wasn’t true.  Nakamura smiled.  She said since he insist that strongly, he should try the “going out” [with Saeki], because she was going tospeciallyhelp him out until he was satisfied.  Because he was a huge perverted-gym clothes-stealing-bastard, she was going to keep it a secret from everyone.
Lies… all lies.
Kasuga was in disbelief that she was going to keep the gym clothes a secret.  She would watched over everything for him — provided that Saeki didn’t realized he was wearing her gym clothes.  She whimsically said good bye and skipped off.  The next day at school and before entering the classroom, Kasuga told himself that everything will be okay; Saeki didn’t realized anything.  Sliding the door open, all the students were surrounding a seated Saeki and then their eyes focused on him.  Yamada rushes over with a group of boys telling Kasuga that he was seen walking with Saeki at an intersection the day before.  Miss Troublemaker told them to stop because they were troubling Saeki.  Saeki asked Kasuga was it okay to tell everyone.  This grabbed their attention and wanted to know what she was going to say next.  She told the class that the two of the starting dating.  LOL all the boys were upset!  Some of them grabbed Kasuga and asked was it true.  Miss TM wanted to know how could Saeki date an introvert like Kasuga.  Saeki replied Kasuga knew a lot of things others didn’t.  Nakamura had her head down on the desk and peered at the commotion the class was making over the news that Kasuga and Saeki were now dating.
In the boys’ bathroom, Yamada asked Kasuga how the two of them began dating and was he the one that confessed first.  Kasuga made a comment that recently, he [Yamada] was ignoring him.  Yamada said it was all water under a bridge.  A guy like Kasuga had used up a lifetime worth of luck because gloomy as he was, it was a miracle that he was dating someone like Saeki.  Feeling the happiness again, Kasuga said  Saeki saw his true side and she was different from ‘commoners’ like him.  Yamada playfully warned Kasuga not get full of himself.    Kasuga was floating on cloud nine. It’s been a while since his heart-felt so light.  He felt overjoyed that Saeki did not find out about the gym clothes and Nakamura said she would never tell anyone and the stealth of the gym clothes would be something he would take to his grave.  Running playfully through the halls with Yamada, Kasuga stopped short.  He saw Nakamura and Saeki talking in a classroom and wondered what they were saying.
End of episode.
Poor Kasuga — being teased by giving happiness, then having it taken away, and allowed to have it again and then have it snatched away.  Like a trip on a downhill slope, will Kasuga be able to grasp and hold the happiness tightly?  Sooooooooooo looking forward to the next chapters.
I popped those babies open when I’m about to blog on them.  🙂
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