Aku no Hana Chp 9: Frayed Threads


After seeing Nakamura and Saeki chatting, Kasuga wondered what was said.

Seeing the two talking, made Kasuga really nervous.  He never saw the two having conversations before.  However  in class,  the mood of both girls told a different story.  Saeki seemed like her usual angelic self and Nakamura her gloomy stand-offish self.  When school ended, he was still wondering about the conversation that took place.  Saeki broke his train of thought when she asked could they go home together.  Kasuga’s attention was diverted to Nakamura who was leaving, with a solemn look on her face.  Walking together, Saeki brought up the incident that occurred the day before. She wanted to know if he was okay and he didn’t catch a cold.  He replied that he was fine, and apologized for leaving so abruptly.  She said the whole thing took her by surprise and wanted to know who was the person that did that.  Kasuga played it off as if he didn’t know either.  Then… Saeki asked him,were he and Nakamura friends?He was taken back a bit.  He wondered why would she asked if they were friends.  Saeki told him that Nakamura said they were [friends].  She confessed that she was always worried about Nakamura.  With a smile on her face, she said that the two of them became friends too.  Now he knows… when he saw them talking, Nakamura had asked Saeki to become friends with her and, she washappy for her and Kasuga.She also said “as a friend, she would support Saeki to the very end…”  Blushing, Saeki said she wanted to get to know Kasuga better, because both of them were in apreciousrelationship.

That night, Kasuga was so happy that he was downright giddy while he held his pillow close to him.  He repeated the words Saeki had said earlier,  “we’re in a precious relationship.”  He wondered if Nakamura really gave them her blessings.

Honestly, Ireeaaalllywonder about Kasuga… like Nakamura being happy for you, giving you her blessings… really?

Since he still had the gym clothes in his possession, he pondered if he was good enough to be with Saeki.  He reasoned that he was; he had been reborn and he is definitely someone that’s suitable for her.  The next day at lunch, Kasuga looked at Nakamura whom had her desk turned towards the window.  Saeki asked him if they would have lunch together and then turn to Nakamura and asked if she wanted to join them.  Saeki asked if it was okay with Kasuga.  He replied yes and Yamada invited himself as well.  While the class whispered around them, the four joined desks and went about having their lunch.  Kasuga told himself to relax; there was nothing to be afraid of.  [Ha!  Yeah right!]  Nakamura asked Kasuga was he happy going out with Saeki.  He replied that he was.  She then asked Saeki did she really like Kasuga.  She told Nakamura that she did.  Nakamura being Nakamura, asked…

Poor Kasuga…Saeki stepped in and defended him. She told Nakamura that he was not a pervert. Nakamura said it was a joke and slip Kasuga a note to meet her in the library.The seeds of doubt have been sown.After school, Saeki asked Yamada had he seen Kasuga. He said he didn’t.  She found it strange that she couldn’t find him,  being that she had told him that they were going home together.  Inside the library, Nakamura asked Kasuga if he wanted to know howSaeki truly felt about him…She became friends with her solely for that purpose.  She plan to bring it all out.  Kasuga told her to stop; to leave it alone, because they were now in a precious relationship.  She replied he really want to know everything that’s inside of Saeki.  Kasuga clamps his hand over his ears and made the sounds to keep from hearing what Nakamura was going to say.  She snatch his hands away and said“She wants to have sex with you!”Just as she said those words, Saeki walked by the library and saw the the two of them.

End of chapter.

That Kasuga… as if things would be all peachy-peachy dealing with a psycho.

Okay then!  Until next chapter. 😉



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