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On a busy street in Shibuya, you and some buddies had just left a drinking establishment; feeling nice, got the giggles and the night air is oh so nice….  When suddenly you stumbled across the most awesome fight you’ve ever saw in your life!  What do you do?

A.  Stand there in awestruck and forget about your safety because the fight is just that awesome!

B.  Run for cover, but not too far so that you can watch the fight carry on.

C.  Because you’re feeling nice from have a full belly of Sake or Beer and think the fight that you’re seeing is nothing more than a pumped up Mirage.

The Contenders you ask?

The Sword Wielding, Gun slinging duo


Warrick and Nicolas


The Mack 10-toting Chained- Smoker and the Shoot ’em up Pistol carrying


Badou Nails and Heine Rammsteiner

Who do you think would win?


The Pairing



Analytical thinker… size up the enemy.  Fast on his feet, even faster when drawing his chained pistols.  Underwent genetic manipulation and implants as a child and has a collar implanted in his neck.  He is able to recovered from any wounds.

Weakness that can be used against him: His huge fear of women [Gynophobia], or cut his neck off and he’s a goner.  Push a female bystander towards him and pray that he will freeze up in terror long enough for you to aim for him the implant on his neck and then take him down with a swiftness, or get close enough to injured him deeply and then off with his head.



Fast on his feet, calculating and also sizes up his enemy.  Ex “A” class mercenary; can wield his Katana (sword) like second nature.  Shows no fear, and in my opinion, he gets off on a good fight. 🙂

Weakness that can be used against him:He’s deaf.  That’s it.  So unless you don’t want him to know anything,keep your mouth shut!Because he uses his sword in a fight, can try to tired him out a bit so that you can calculate his swings and movements to look for a weak spot or an opening and then go for it.



Good with handling a gun.  Will take down the enemy without a second thought.  A planner; a schemer.  Will do what it takes to take the target down.

Weakness that can be used against him:Uncomfortable killing women.  Would rather love ’em too death than kill them.  Snatch a female bystander as a hostage make him submit  and try your luck!



Can shoot off his Uzi’s like none other.  Has mood swings.  Can be go from being calm to a rabid murderous fiend.

Weakness that can be used against him:Take away his cigarettes!  No wait… he will really lose it.  However if you take them, dangle them in front of him and try to bring him to his knees by threatening to break up each stick one by one.  Yea, that should work.

My Thoughts:

Definitely be a fight I wouldn’t want to miss.  Would be front and center with my bag of popcorn and a comfortable cushion to sit my tussie on!  😛  If I have to choose, (and it’s a difficult choice) mmmmm… [???] I think it would be a bloody (and I do meanbloody ) draw.  All would have missing limbs and full of holes!  Gosh… they’re all are great characters and their fighting styles are incredible.  So all would be mortally wounded.  Well, that’s what I think anyway.  😛

So… now that you know the contenders, do you agree with the [my] pairing, or which character would you pair with the other?  C’mon… share your thoughts with meh!

And this concludes this fun post. 😉




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