Blogging in the Dark… Kyaaaa!!!!


Sitting here online blogging, surfing the web and was looking for an old Webtoon that I liked and wanted to read again and I came across…


Bongcheon-Dong Ghost Manhwa

can I just share with you, parts of this Manhwa SCARED THE BEJESUITS out of me?! 

LOL!!!!!!  I literally almost jumped out of the chair.  There were some things I did not expect, nor seen coming.  But boy oh girl, oh ghost, this was good!  What caught my eye about and made me want to take that “First Lookie,” was the warning tag on the page:

Warning: This webtoon is a special horror episode for this summer season. Since it contains shocking scenes reader discretion is advised for pregnant women, the elderly, and those suffering from serious medical conditions.

After reading it, the MangaWhore in me was squealing with delight!  Love the heck out of the Horror Genre and it was really a good 5 minutes of my time.  Ha!  Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is Chapter 20, of

2011 Mystery Fragments

Horror, Suspense, Supernatural
Original Publisher:  Naver
Serialized In:  Naver Webtoon
Chapters:  29 – Complete

Horang (Author), thank you, thank you, thank you for creating something so awesome! hard-laughhard-laughhard-laughhard-laugh


Luckily, there are two chapters translated in English byNaver.  Totally recommend if you’re into the Horror Genre and don’t have a weak heart!

Wanna take a lookie?

Bongcheon District Ghost  (English)

Ok-su Station Ghost  (English)

Original Webtoon

If you read it already or planning to read it, share your thoughts!  😉

Okay, back to reading the good read!




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