Boku wa Ootami: Ch 2

Yay!!!  Another chapter.


So… picking up from chapter 1, RinaHATESperverted boys… as far as she’s concern, all “Men are wolves, wanting to devour women…”      That is to say until she actually MEETS a boy (Ookami-kun)  that took her breath away and everything she believed in, and everything she held as the truth was the very same thing she fell for.  Ha!


After an exciting day, later that night Rina tried to make sense of Ookami being a wolf.  Wracking her brains about it, she really tried to find the ideology behind it,  when she received a call from her classmate and childhood friend Keita, calling to make sure she was alright and also to confirm if the rumors he heard was true:Ookami-kun smelled her butt!  Rina was mortified that he found out about it.  Keita told her he was worry about her and he was coming over to her house.  Rina jumps into bed with thoughts that she couldn’t let down her guard for men even if Keita was a childhood friend.    Eventually, she drifts off to sleep with thoughts of Ookamistillbeing her ideal guy.

Unbeknownst to a sleeping Rina, Ookami was outside her window hanging upside down.  He has “sniffed” her out and entered her room and took her away.  Keita has just made it to her house to see Ookami jumping from rooftops at lightening speed with Rina in his arms.  He shouted where Ookami was taking her, and Ookami disappears from his sight.

Rina wakes to find herself in a strange place.  More like a psych ward room: bars on the window and an observation window, which Ookami was looking through at her on the other side.  After seeing him, Rina yells for him to let her out and he slowly opens the door and slid in…

a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken!


After sliding the food in, he closes the door back.  Wild thoughts ran through Rina’s mind.  She thought he was fattening her up so that he could eat her along with his companions [wolves].   (so funny!)  She wasn’t about to let that happen and tried to open the door herself.  Ookami steps into the room and she told him she wanted to go home; he replied she couldn’t, because he like Rina and that was the reason he brought her to his home.


Rina questioned if everything was a joke and if Ookami didn’t release her, she was going to make a Police Report.  Hearing that, made Ookami nervous.  He asked herwhat was the meaning of Prison; if he does something wrong, he won’t be able to go back out again.  He apologized and asked her not to make the report.

Ookami-Kun, you were brought up by wolves…what’s exactly going on?

She wanted to know was it a reality; what did he mean not being able to go out…

Ookami told her the story of how just after he was born, he was taken away by a wolf that escaped from a Zoo.  Since such time, he had lived in the forest with wolves and at the age of seven, he was rescued by some humans.  The facility he was taken to, taught him how to act like a human being and if he learned the basic knowledge, they (doctors) would let him out.  Ookami took out a dictionary and told Rina he looked up the wordPervert.  Because he smelled Rina’s scent [her butt], he made Rina cry.  He couldn’t go back to school because of it, but however… he likes Rina a lot.  He realized kidnapping Rina was wrong too and apologized for that as well.

Rina softened up and told him it was enough and she wasn’t angry.  She took his hand into her and sniffs his fingers.  Even though she didn’t really understood, remembering one’s scent was the instinct of a wolf.   An epiphany set in:  just like a domestic dog, they sniff each other butts and hid things they like and can becometerritorial about it.  She told Ookami if there was something he didn’t know, she would teach him.  She’s willing because if he did things his way, he would end up at a Police station!  Still nervous about wolves being around, she told him that imprisoning was a serious crime too.  LOL

Rina looks out the window and questioned where they were.  Ookami replied they were at Mount Apo, a day away from where she lives.  Ookami gathers her up in her arms and told her to hug him tightly so that she doesn’t falls and away he jumps and sprints her to her home.  While doing so, she wondered what kind of experiences will she have withthe young wolf boy? Ookami had safely placed her  on the wall surrounding her house and Ookami extended his hand to help her down.  Rina lost her footing and he caught her… however, his hands was grabbing in the wrong place!

Our little Wolf boy found himself a new toy!

Ookami asked her why was there a “difference” in their chest area, and Rina gives the most silliest (so not the right time Rina-chan!) explanation:

Girls give birth to babies and in order to produce milk… from the chest.  Ha!   Ookami, with his inquisitive mind asked her if she had any babies and she told him no with a quickness and now, he wants to drink some milk!    Ookami liked the feeling of her chest and touches it again, telling Rina her chest felt so soft.  A second away from slapping the crap out of him, she stopped herself because, well… his intentions were not bad; he’s just curious.

While caught up in the moment, Rina’s front door came crashing down and to their surprise, Keita barges in.  How shocking it probably was to Keita to barge in seeing Ookami groping Rina.  To know that Ookami was touching her when she always rejected others (like himself), Keita flipped out.  Rina quickly explained Ookami’s situation and then she introduced Keita to Ookami.

And of course as a greeting, Ookami takes to sniffing Keita.  Words cannot express the scene… so here ya go:

How funny is this?

After sniffing him, Ookami stated that Keita’s body smelled weird.  At this time, Rina realized she had just stepped into a strange new world.

End of chapter.

You know, this read shows great promise.  I expect to see a whole lot of twists and turns and some drama because he was raised as a wolf and there will be those that want to have him locked away and the growth of Rina’s character.  Loving this!

The best part to me was the sliding of the bucket of chicken in the room.  I couldn’t stop laughing!  Like feeling a wild animal,here ya go… have some chicken!  What a hoot.  Totally looking forward to the next chapter.

And that’s it’s in a nutshell.



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