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Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural

Mangaka:  YOUN In-Wan
Artist: YANG Kyung-II
Year:  2009
Original Publisher:  Shogakukan
Serialized In:  Shonen Sunday
Volumes:  9 Volumes, Complete – Scanlation, Complete

*Not Licensed in US

Mephisto Bart Kucabara is a devil lawyer. In order to return to the demon world that he was exiled from he needs to collect enough Dark Matter. To do so he creates a plan to claim the Dark Matter from the souls of sinners sentenced to hell. Prove the soul’s innocence and the Dark Matter becomes his.

But how can he gather enough Dark Matter when his kind personality causes him to continually use it up in order to defend the soul from the Shinigami that has come to take them to hell?

My Impressions:

Kucabara is just so darn cute!!!  😛


MeetMephisto Bart Kucabara… a demon from the Demon World; a prince that would’ve ruled over the Demon World, but was cast out and stripped of his powers by his little brotherLegato, who wanted to change the Demon World into something else… something worse.

He lives in a place calledThe Event Horizon —a place that’ between the Human world and the Demon World.  But… not alone… he has a trustworthy sidekick,Bichurawho a little demon-[panda?]-[neko?]-[panda neko dragon thingy?]  anyhoo that’s always on Kucabara’s case about collectionDark Matter, so they can get back home to the Demon World.


However, Kucabara already has a plan: to become aDefense Lawyer for sinners who’ve died.  Bichura thinks its the dumbest thing ever but can’t talk his master out of it.  In order to collect the dark matter he needs, he has the newly deceased enter into a contract with him.   The contract entails Kucabara investigate the situation to see if the decease has a justifyable reason why he/she is not a sinner.  If he proves his case, then the person can has his/her life restored to him/her — at the cost of Kucabara collecting the person’s dark matter [a substance he/she gives off that is a source of evil power.


Kucabara also gets help from a fellow devil namedElimona, whom owns a [if I may say…] magical shop calledThe Elimona Shop.  She likes to cosplay dressed and teased the crap out of Kucabara.  😛  As his ally, she warns him that if he continues to be a Defense Devil, he would be a target of Shinigamis.  If he were to ever lose a case, he would turn to dust.

But nonetheless, she helps him out by giving him  tricks and items to help him on his quest of being a defense devil.  Although it’s a bumpy road, Kucabara is doing his job, until… he meetsIdamaria.  A nun with exorcism powers that can banquish demons.   Because she’s an exorcist [who demands payment for her services], she had been excommunicated from the Vatican.  With the help of a Priest, who can be quite pervy at times.  Her next case is banquishing Kucabara.   Being able to detect dark matter in a demon, she comes across him by casting a spell to bring him into the human world.  At first glance, Idamaria thinks that he’s a regular human.  Idamaria takes a liking to him.  After treating him to a bundle of hamburgers, Kucabara was about to open his vile of dark matter to return to the Event Horizon, when Idamaria attacks him.  Realizing that it was the guy she treated to food, she apologizes.  Kichura whom was looking for his master sees him and scolds him.  Idamaria mistakens Bichura for Kucabara, and firecely attacks him.  At the end of the battle, Kubara tells her his full name and she’s in disbelief that the timid person standing before her, was the one she was looking for all that time.    She begin her attack on him.

Meanwhile, the Priest and Elimona are secretly having a meeting.  The two are in cahoots together.  The Priest asked Kucabara to stay at the church.

What causes a cease fire, is the kidnapping of Jupiter.  A little girl that was kidnapped and taken to the Demon World.  The Priest had the two play a deadly game of tennis across time.  If the ball dropped, it will cause an explosion.  The idea behind the game was that the two needed to work together in order to go and save Jupiter.  Jupiter was returned to the human world by Legato who attached a bomb to her.   This infuriated Kucabara, who decided to go to the Demon World to face off with his little brother.

This is a good manga.  I enjoyed reading it when the chapters come out.  It makes me laugh and totally keep my attention…100%   I highly recommend this manga because not only is it action-packed, a good storyline, and it’s full of comedy and a blooming romance, but thebestestpart of all is

Kucabara’s transformation into his true self!  Awesome… 😛


This manga can easily be made into an Anime Series.   Would definitely watch it if it was.  😉

Okay, that’s it in a nutshell… until next review.

Laters!  😉




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