Don’t Cry Girl Chp 2… what a hoot!



After a wretched day waiting to see if I would be called as a Juror today at Juror Duty, I escaped!  Bru-ha-ha!!!  Two grueling days of sitting around and waiting and I’ve done my Civic Duty!  I will not have to deal with it anymore for the next 8 years!    Anyhoo, coming home and saying “Tadaima” to my computer, I got such a welcoming surprised…

Chapter 2.   DCG…

In this chapter two, Takeo-chan was asked to go to a classmate’s house and she decline because Masuda wanted her to have lunch with him and his friend.  As her classmates were joking that she’s probably living with someold ugly guy, Masuda and his friend were there at the school’s gate to pick her up.  Her friends were astonish that both were “hot” men, and she was thinking they would be considered hot; however, she wasn’t liking the fact they were there at the school waiting for her.  Now, she’ll probably have more woes to deal with: her friends spreading rumors.  Takeo has concerns about Masuda’s friend or rather, a bad vibe.

At  the apartment, Takeo informs Masuda that he has mail and soon as she turns around


he’s naked!!

In a flash, [LOL], he had stripped out of his clothes!  The friend said he was going to use the kitchen and immediately Takeo offers to help (want to get away from the naked guy… eh?).  She began to think that this guy could be normal.   Masuda and her stood by the counter watching the friend in the kitchen and she asks that Masuda didn’t stand so close.  He wants to know why, and she replied that he’s naked.  The friend pulls out a huge Pork Chop cut.  Masuda implies that it’s a big cut of meat and the friend commented that hisd*ck was still larger!  [Ha!]  Takeo realized that the friend was just as weird as Masuda.


Masuda told Jinnai (FINALLY, a name!) he was a penis fanatic and asked wasn’t there a festival for that kind of thing. (Google it! [Amazing!])   Jokingly, Jinnai told Takeo he couldshow it to her, if she wanted, and then said “Whoops, you’re a Girl.”  This sent the poor Takeo off the deep end!  Adding to it, Masuda jumps into the conversation too.  Exasperated, she informed him that he was talking to the daughter of his friend.  The impact of her words hit him and he apologized.  He stated he wanted her to laugh and he apologized again, following up with that he didn’t’ want her to see him as the same as her useless parents and thenhe starts crying!


Jinnai yells at Takeo telling her, he knows a lot of things had happen and he and Masuda both have things they have to deal with and he thought she was too harsh on Masuda.  She hung her head and said she was sorry.  Jinnai said they should reconsider their conduct and wanted to know if she like sweets.  As his way of apologizing, he gives her a present.  Inside the bag wasbaked Phallus Sweets!  Something he called Penis Snacks…


Tell me, how bad do you feel for this girl?

Takeo wanted to know how did a Baker (Jinnai) and an Engineer (Masuda) met.  Jinnai replied that they used to hang out at the same club 4 years ago.  And the conversation went like this:





Takeo told Masuda that he was a pretty good looking guy and he should try to be a bit more normal.  Embarrass, he hides his face and told her that wasn’t true and not to look at him.  The trio sits down to eat a delicious meal.

Well one way or another, things worked out alright. –thoughts from Takeo-chan.

Jinnai wanted to know how she liked the Penis Snacks:


And so Takeo declares that she will try her best, she won’t cry and the next day was going to be cloudy.

End of Chapter 2.

I thought this chapter 2 was hilarious!

Okay, this read may/may not appeal to some readers.  This read appeals to me because as a New Yorker, we are rumored to have ‘dry humor’. Won’t deny nor confirm that claim!:p  Thus far, I’m liking it (and wanna keep liking it too).  I think it funny and gutsy.  This read made my evening after such a drab, boring, wanting to hang myself in the Jury Room because I had to spend 7 hours of waiting to be called!

That’s it in a nutshell.




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  • this is one of the randomest, funniest things ive seen in a while 😀
    i almost vomited blood laughing at the sudden MASSIVE FREAKING PENIS SNACK this manga thrust into my face.

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