Don’t Cry, Girl Chp. 3


In this chapter 3, Taeko-chan is getting used to living with the ‘free spirit’ Masuda, and an outburst from Taeko causes anunexpected rise in Masuda.

Beginning of this chapter 3, Taeko is in her room laying on her bed reflecting on the argument she had earlier with Masuda.  Masuda, bearing the Olive branch comes to her room to apologize for his part in the argument and asked if they could eat together.

Realization sets in that even though Masuda is a nice guy,he’s a naked guy and she’s living with him.  She feels like she’s losing her common sense because she’s gotten use his nakedness.  The doorbell rings and in walks Jinna who came over unexpectedly to share a gift he received from one of his guests with them.  Jinna notices their solemn faces and asked what was wrong.  Masuda told him they had gotten into a fight.  Jinna then turns to Taeko and asked if it was alright if he came in and then lay some not-so-friendly advice on her; he told her that she’s living with Masuda not because she wanted to and he understands that she might be unhappy.  However, she must look at Masuda’s side as well.  He wasn’t under any obligation to take care of her either.  Because he’s unrelated to their fight, he was sure he could help them make up and since he brought a present, he would liked if she could laugh for his sake as well.

Without fail, Jinna and his off-beat sense of humor, reaches inside the bag and takes out…


I cracked up laughing!  Too funny (at least to me).

Taeko chose to remain silent.  [Good choice! ]  Masuda came up behind her and stated he was happy they fought because she was telling him her honest feelings.  If they fight like that, it would mean they could trust each other more.  Takeko replied that Masuda could be very persuasive and he chuckled and said he getting serious and it was embarrassing.  Of course,  using one of his may tricks of covering up, he had grabbed the remote and covers down below.  Masuda wanted to hear everything – from beginning to end what she wanted to say in few words as possible.

Her reply,


Ha!  Something I bet he wasn’t expecting to hear.

Well, that outburst caused an effect even shetruly did not expect to happen.  See, Masuda got a boner(!!!) and poor virginal Taeko, saw…it…  this cause her to lose it.  (So like, it’s just better to show it than write it.  )

Catching her breath, she told him to at least wear some pants before falling to the floor.  Well, Miss Taeko had came down with a fever and passed out from it.  Masuda wanted to know the reason why she passed out was because she was tired and Jinna made some Mushroom and Bamboo Risotto and offer her a bowl so she could get better, and in the mist of it all Taeko swore to herself that she was going to get strong and not cry; she was going to do her best.  [Masuda really didn’t get it.  I willing to bet she passed out from the exasperation from the arguments and his B-O-N-E-R].  Ha!

End of chapter 3.



‘how do I put this on?’

Talk about an old couple with a twisted friend add to the mix.  LOL!!!  Makes me wonder if the Mangaka will ever reveal why Taeko’s idiotic parents left her with their free spirited friend and  Jinna is crazy in his own right because those gifts that he brings over is a riot!

Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Alrighty then.  After updating one site, now I have a little bit of room to do some posts.  Yay!



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