Don’t Cry Girl Chp. 4

In this chapter 4, Taeko-chan invites her schoolmates to meet Masuda and Jinnai.

Days earlier, Taeko’s friends told her they wanted to meet some “hot” guys.  She exclaimed that Masuda and Jinnai may be hot guys, they were still over thirty-years old.  Her friends were not interested in hooking up, they just wanted to be in the company of some hot guys.  Taeko gave in to them.  She told Masuda about it and he wanted her to invite them over to the house and he would make them dinner.  That was out of the question, being that he walked around naked.

They decided to meet at the cafe where Jinnai-San works at.  Poor Taeko is high-strung and extremely nervous.  She knows that Masuda and Jinnai has this “unique” way of talking and she thinks those two are perverts.  (LOL)  She was about to sneek out when Masuda gave herpuppy eyesand she could not excused herself.  If she left, she would be blame for the failure of the group meeting and thereby become a worthless person.

Oh gosh, I’m really feeling sorry for this girl.  Ha!

But you know, Masuda and Jinnai is actually quite cordial and studious.  Totally different from how they act when they’re at the house.  (Masuda and his nakedness and Jinnai and his fascination for the phallus.  Love this read!)  One of Taeko’s friends aked Masuda what does he usually wear at home and Taeko injected that he’s not really stylish and likes to wear multiple layers of clothes.

When actually, this is his style of wear:


The other friend commented that even though Jinnai was dressed simple, his clothes suited him.  Jinnai replied that he likes to wearloose fitting clothes so that he doesn’t feel constraint (wearing tight-fitting clothes). Taeko was surprised that the friends did not asked what he meant by that and she was happy they didn’t.  The conversation continues with Masuda being asked what was his favorite “romantic situation…”

In the character’s own words:


and next, the question is asked to Jinnai:


This meeting was full of surprises for Taeko.  Here friends are not dumb… they knew how toblank out some of Jinnai’s dirty jokes.  Thus above the blanked-out text. :p  Next, it was time for the girls to be asked questions.  Masuda asked them what kind of guys do young girls like themselves like and Taeko’s friends started spewing out some names of Idols.  When Taeko was asked, she replied that she likeserious people and one of her friend stated Masuda would be a perfect match for her, since they both were living together and was Taeko sure nothing was going on her and Masuda already.  Masuda was blushing a bit and apologize to Taeko.  She replied that it was alright, however…


Okay, has the Shoujo Factor finally kicked in?!

Her friends wondered if her statement hurt Masuda’s feelings.  She said he was fine and they wanted to know why did she sound as if they both understood on another.  Even Jinnai jumped into the conversation because Masuda was acting as if he went off to some far place.  Coming back, he said his heart just went on a journey.  The girls laughed and asked what kind of journey it went on, and visually — this is where it went:


I believe Taeko has lost it… (cracking up laughing)


Jinnai commented that Taeko was acting too straight-laced and that was one of her good qualities.  She shot back if Jinnai had a tension-filled day and he replied that he did and that’s why he likes simple kids and, it was high because he wanted to let the girls try his special dessert… [in my mind, I was hoping it wasn’t phallus-related.  LOL]  Masuda told the girls it was getting late and it was time to go.  Masuda turns to Taeko and told her since they had come all the way to the city, would she like to go to the Tailor.


Ha!  Masuda really wants to see Taeko in that dress and petticoats. Oh Masuda….

The chapter ends with Taeko’s thoughts:

Just when will my tears start to flow? Well, I guess it’s fine; I’ll do my best.

End of Chapter 4.

So… I do believe that the Shoujo Factor has stepped on the scene. Ha! Although this chapter 4 was funny in its own way, I couldn’t help myself for feeling sorry for Taeko. That poor, poor girl. Hope she doesn’t become traumatized by those two loonies!

That’s it in a nutshell.




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