Fun Stuff: Zombie Brother (ZOMBRO)

I moozy over to Faiien Scans site to check out their new read and oh boy, am I so glad that I did! hard-laugh


Action, Comedy, Horror, Zombies!

Author/Artist:  QiDu Yu

–Will post Publisher and year when available.

Manhua – Read Left to Right


Protagonist XiaoFei used to be an ordinary guy from H city.  After the spring water was contaminated with a virus, however, he unexpectedly encountered an unprecedented crisis.  The people living in H City became zombies one by one, devouring each other, and gradually evolving. Can XiaoFei escape from H city and meet up with his girlfriend Wei? The story now begins…  —Faiien Scans

CAG Impressions:

Ha!  Let the fun begin!excited

Did not pass “Go” came right back to WordPress to do this post!  LOL  Gotta love the Zombie Genre.  Always something to write about and make it either serious/horror or comedic/horror.  And this read seems like it’s going to be fun.  That’s why I categorized it under  ‘Fun Stuff.’

Okay, so we have what appears to be a couple of robbers that went to a town and dug up their buried treasures to sell.  One of these items – a box of some sorts.  While the driver stated he heard something moving in the box, his fellow robber told him it was nonsense.  As they were driving, the road became bumpy and they made a swift turn and the box fell out of the truck, into the water, and whatever was in the box, inflected the water supply.

Unaware that the water supply became infected, our Protagonist XiaoFei Bai a Graphic Designer, was making himself a cup of tea.  Almost about to take a sip, his neighbors next door became extremely loud [sounds of having sex] and XiaoFei dropped his tea.  He yelled for them to quiet down and they got louder!  Trying to ignore them, XiaoFei sat down in front of his computer to watchThe Walking Deadtelling himself that Zombies were too weak and too slow to end the world.

The act going on next door started to sound really weird and then all of a sudden XiaoFei heard screams, that took him by surprise.  Knife in hand, he slowly walks to his front door where it was ajar.  What peeped in, was ghastly.  A worm-like tongue protruded through the opening and  XiaoFei slams the door shut!  The piece that got cut off was still wiggling on the floor.

Leaning against the door, he heard a log bang and a hand had punched a large hole at the bottom of the door.  The hole was large enough where a female had crawl through it.  Too shocked to move, and stood there shaking, XiaoFei

thought the woman had a nice arse… Ha!

until she turns around and nothing was “nice” anymore.  The Zombie asked (yes, it did!) why was he looking at her lower half.  It opened its mouth and said, “Suck.”  And charge after him.  XiaoFei cuts off its head in one swing.

Settling down, XiaoFei thought it was all a dream.  His cellphone rang and it was a frantic friend calling to alert him not to drink the water because it was infected and all who has drank it became weird.  His town was in a State of Emergency and wondered if XiaoFei’s city did the same.  He also warned XiaoFei that even if you cut off the Zombie’s head, it

did not kill it.

XiaoFei was about to find that information to be true.  Little does he know – directly behind him, an “eye” was creeping up on him.

Oh, I can tell I’m going toenjoy this read!  It has some of the elements of a good Zombie read:  Humor and the Undead.  Totally recommend this if you’re into the Zombie Genre.

Okay then… off to sleep land so I can be productive at work later.



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