Gakumon! School of Monsters

Comedy, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural, Gender Bender

Mangaka:  HARUHARA, Robinson


Happy Monday to ya or lack thereof, because… it’s Monday.  Up kinda early and was browsing around when I came across this read.  My first thought:

A bit on the kiddy side?

Until I read the 8-page long [not long at all] chapter(?) and I was cracking up!  Oh gosh this tickled my funny bone.  I know Nu-Yawkers can have a dry humor, but I thought this was funny enough for me to write about it. Couldn’t find any information on it,  don’t know if the name is correct or not (no pun intended towards the person or persons who translated the pages) because I Google it and kept coming up with another manga under the same name. 

This is what I get for not looking first!


Shushu a little wolf stood on a mountain with his father being told that he trained and  taught all that him needed to know, and it was time for him to descend down the mountain and entered thedemon’s army anti-hero training instituteMonsterAcademy.  Shushu proclaimed that he would entered the academy and become a great Wolfman so that he could get a job as a field monster.

Field Monster:  a civil worker that maintains balance.

After making such a grand speech, the father had one more thing to say to Shushu:


Now can you imagine the shock of it all? Ha!


Shushu had to take in the fact that he, is a she.  She asked why did he train her,  and what was she going to school for, cried that if she enrolls in the academy, could she become something else.  The father replied ” those that are born to WolfMen can only become WolfMen.”   An epiphany came over Shushu where she recalled her mother saying that if she was a man,  she would be working as a monster too.  The mother (which looks really human) has a ladle in her hand in Shushu’s flashback.  Perhaps she’s a cook?


Even if she went to the academy, what was she supposed to do?  Her father stated that was the reason why he raised her as a boy.  A girl cannot become a Wolfman; those born to WolfMen cannot become any other monster.  If Shushu cannot become a monster, she cannot become a Field Monster.  To which is the reason why she was raised as a boy.  Shushu wants to know why her father would go to great lengths to raise her as a boy.

And his answer,

… because he doesn’t want to work any more! hard-laugh what KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?!

LOL!!!  He wants Shushu to become a Field Monster so he could live off her salary.  A field monster’s salary can support three people.  Not believing what her father just told her, she asked what kind of reason was that, and she was not going to the academy and she wasnotgoing to become a Field Monster.  Her father blatantly replied,she had to.  She had no other option but to become a Field Monster.  She had to go to the academy and become a field monster, becausehe had already quit his job!


Shushu said he was a horrible father.   Her father goes on to explain they had three year’s worth of funds and if she doesn’t become a field monster within that time frame, their family would be homeless and her poor mother would suffer.  After spewing words of being a bad father and a demon, he told her unless she hides the fact that she is a girl, she can’t enroll in the academy.  Adding more insult to the injury, because he had to make Shushu think she was a boy, he told her all kinds of lies about the anatomy of male and females bodies and he even made a pamphlet for her that will teach her everything she needed to know.  Shushu was mortified.  (Rightfully so!)  Boy… has reasoning sprouted wings and flew away… because the end result was, poor Shushu with a sad face going off to the academy with her Mom waving a handkerchief and her dad with a stern face.



This was funny!  That poor child; have to hide the fact she’s a girl so that she can become a civil worker to support her father because he doesn’t want to work any more and had already quit his job and he decided her fate long ago when she was born (I guess) and the mother looks if she’s barely there and you have a girl who has to enrolled in  school for monsters whom has to hide the fact she’s a girl in order to become a field monster within a three-year time frame so that she can turnover her salary to her father that’s doesn’t want to work anymore by quitting his job so that he can live off his daughter’s salary and not particularly caring about her feelings.


did I just type all that silliness? laughing

This was good.  I am looking forward to more chapters!    Recommend it.  A slap-stick comedy less than 10 pages (it seems) and just for a quick laugh, this first chapter was worth it!

This read is scanlated byPsylocke Scans.

Okay you Morning Commuters, off you go into your day.

Laters! happy-wink



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