M-Review: GE – Good Ending

Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen

Mangaka:  SASUGA Kei
Year:  2009
Original Publisher:  Kodansha
Serialized in:  Weekly Shonen Magazine
Group(s) Scanlating: Imangascans
Volumes:  2 – Ongoing

Good ending follows the main character Utsumi ‘s interactions with Kurokawa Yuki, a member of the school tennis team, in order for Utsumi to confess his feelings to Shou-Senpai, the captain of the tennis team.

But alas, Shou has liked her senpai for so long.  Learning that Shou had decided to date her Senpai, it nearly broke Utsumi in half.  Thank goodness Kurokawa-chan was there to hold his hand and help him through the ordeal of heart-break.  😛

As more time went by and the two spent more time together, Utsumi developed feelings for Kurokawa and when he confessed to her, she in turn, told him that his feelings were confused for her.

What will happen between those two?  Will they have a good ending afterall?

My Impressions:

This is definitely a page turner!  😀

<—And you’re probably wondering how I ended up this way…  😛

This manga had me laughing from the first page of chapter 1.  Poor Utsumi… was just spying on the girl that he really liked and was mistaken as a perverted peeping tom!  hahahahhahaha  GE-Good Ending revolves around this lovable character Utsumi and Kurokawa Yuki, whom helps him with tips on how to get the girl he likes — Shou-senpai.   What’s unique and unusual about this story (and this is my view and opinion of it) is the simple fact that aGirl, is helping a Boy, get another Girl!

After explaining to Kurokawa that it was all  a misunderstanding, that hewasn’t a peeping tom, but just was admiring a girl that he liked, she decided to help him.  See, Yurokawa got some secrets and love issues on her own and by helping Utsumi, she hopes to overcome them.   Shou-senpai is the captain of the Tennis club and Kurokawa elects Utsumi as a new club member.  Utsumi is bad at sports and did not want to appear to be a fumbling idiot in front of Shou.  Already giving up before he even tried, Kurokawa chastised him about his defeated attitude.  Eventually, he returns to the court to try again.

Oh gosh… as I kept reading, Shou-senpai is clumsy!  The girl isabsolutely CLUMSY!  Talk about two peas in a pod except that she’s the Captain of the tennis club.  What a hoot!  I thought they were going to be a couple  right from the beginning… silly me; I should’ve known.  To all stories, there’sconflict… always!  😛  Turns out Shou-senpai has been in love with herSenpai for quite some time.  She takes a liking to Utsumi and even agreed to go out on a date with him.  Utsumi seeks counsel from Kurokawa every step of the way.  He considers her a good friend, as well a the devil’s spawn!  Ha!  The day of their date, Shou cancels all of a sudden.  Not knowing what to do, Utsumi decides to go shopping for a new tennis racket.  There in the store, he bumps into… Shou and the senpai she liked.  The guy leaves the two together and she confessed that she liked this guy for a very long time and apologizes to Utsumi.  A broke hearted Utsumi called Kurokawa and she comforted him while he cried on her shoulder.  Awwwww…

As the story continues, Utsumi and Kurokawa become close friends, and this is where the conflict develops even more…Utsumi began to have feelings for Kurokawa.   Well, you know what happens next.  She tells him that his feelings are a mistake.

However, conflict is what makes a story a good read!  See, Utsumi has a group of good friends, who cheers him on, and helps him every step of the way.  And then there’s a girlwho likes Utsumi!!!!!  A pretty big-chested girl whom as you’re reading the story is just like Utsumi —secretly liking someone until confession of ‘said’ like.

This is a good manga.  I get a kick out of reading it and look forward to the chapters as they are churned out. Arigato Imagascans for putting out the chapters!  😀  Great job!    If you like quirky, light-hearted reading, then this is the manga to settle on.  totally recommend it.  🙂

Yes!  That is correct.  34 chapters released and I’m still hanging on  to every word!

So there you have it.

Laters!  😉





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