Heroine Shikkaku: Chp 1

There’s a heroic story going on in Hatori’s head – 24/7/365…  Her hero is  her childhood friend Rita and she’s the heroine of the story.

Insert Chp 1 pic.

Everyone else, are extra characters.

Chapter 1 opens up with Hatori seeing Terasaka Rita talking with his girlfriend.  Hatori thoughts were on the girlfriend didn’t have an important role to start with. He walked towards Hartori and her friend Nakajima and  informed them he had just broken up with his girlfriend, a girl he only went out with for a week.

It’s funny writing this post because 50% is the story and 50% are Hatori’s thoughts onhow the story should be told.

After hearing of the breakup, Hatori knew Rita could only have those types of relationships – short term.  Happily, she exclaimed that until he got himself another girlfriend, she would be with him so he didn’t get lonely.  Annoyed with that statement, Rita gave her a karate chop on the side of her face.  [giggling].  Nakajima was surprised by his actions and asked Hatori why he did it and she said it was a habit of his that he did when he’s happy.


When Hatori and Rita first met, they did not get along.  In fifth grade, some boys were taunting Rita about his mother running away.  One boy stated his mother said Rita’s mom ran away with a younger man.  Rita immediately stood up and punched him in the face.  He had picked up a chair when Hatori yelled for him to stop and she would be by his side.  At the time she said it, she was acting out the role of Nausica when she tamed the king of insects.    Feeling so good about her actions, she was taken by surprised when she saw Rita crying.  From that moment on, she proclaimed she was going to protect Rita and eventually,love [] would come out of the relationship.

Back to the Present…

While the two girls ate their lunch, Nakajima told Hatori this was her chance to confess. Hatori,  in a “matter-of-a-fact” way told her not to be stupid; to date Rita now, means that it would end quickly and she didn’t want that kind of short-term relationship.  Bragging, she even told her she had showed Rita her bra once –she had showed him her first sports bra… does that even count?Ha!   The reel in her head played the story of how Rita had the heart of a girl and he had noticed the love she [Hatoir] had for him…

But… the voice of reason (Nakajima) told Hatori, Rita may get serious about the next girl he dates.  So full of self-confidence, Hatori replied thatit would never happen… nothing like “that” has happen before.  While the two talked, a commotion where two bullies were picking on a quiet girl with short hair and glasses was taking place.  Looking, Nakajima realized it was one of their classmates, Adachi-chan.  The two bullies had knocked her bowl of ramen to the floor.  Picking up the noodles and putting them back into the bowl, one of them told her to eat up.  Hatori tried to step in as the Heroine and told them to stop.   Out of the blue, Rita sat across from Adachi and called one guy a piece of sh*t.  He asked Rita to repeat himself and he replied again, the guy was a piece of sh*t and was he a 3rd grader.  Hatori was mortified!  A teacher came into the cafeteria and took the two trouble makers away.

Rita shared one of his king-sized tempura shrimp with Adachi and she curtly told him not to talk to her; it would ruin his reputation.  Not caring, he pushed the shrimp her way, since he had two and also his tomatoes because he didn’t like them and this made Adachi blushed.  So impressed by his coolness, Hatori bragged about how Rita was always unconsciously cared for others.  Hatori came to the conclusion that Adachi has fallen for Rita and she found it funny.  Right from the beginning, someone like her has been into that type of guy.

If someone falls in love with Rita, that person will definitely not be the Heroine.

Later, Hatori walked pass Adachi and Rita warming up outside for track.  She was amazed that Adachi had joined Track & Field to get next to him. Why bother… she’s not Rita’s type.  Rita took off running and Hatori’s eyes followed him.

When I space off in Rita’s direction, at first glance, I don’t know what he’s thinking… He also does as he pleases with his dating relationships… –the thoughts of Hatori.

She notice Adachi looking in Rita’s direction as well and stated it was okay for Adachi to look because it wouldn’t account to anything.  Rita has walked up behind her and call her a lazy girl and if she was free, she should run a little to take some of the fat off her legs.  Shocked that he said that, she shrieked that she didn’t have fat legs!   Rita’s ex-girlfriend walks by and told him by.  Hatori wanted to know why they had broken up.  He replied that the ex-girlfriend stated there was no man out there for her, pissing Hatori off.  She said there were some differences in opinions; that the problem was because of the mutual respect between genders when it comes to understanding the give and exchange.  It was a pain and she didn’t really get it.*   She said those words because she knew that Rita was afraid of parting from those he loved.  That’s why he could never get serious about anybody.

*Didn’t really get that myself, but those were the words…

As the good friend that she is, she console him and said because she gets him, she’ll be by his side as along as she live.  Rita laughed and asked what was the matter all of a sudden.  She replied that she would become his look-out to make sure he didn’t die of loneliness and another karate chop to the head she received!  LOL

Someday, you’ll take notice of the fact that I’m here for you… – Hatori.

The tides slowly starts to turn…

The next day, Adachi confessed to Rita, and he accepted.  Hatori was so shocked.  She said Adachi was not his type.  He replied she was a good person.  She thought the both of them had such a touching moment the day before, and today he had a new girlfriend. It just meant there was another supporting character.

Hatori went to see Adachi in the Library and with fake happiness, she told Adachi she heard the news about her dating Rita and take good care of him.  Adachi wanted to know whyshe was the one saying that.  In Hatori’s mind, she thought Adachi was going comment how she knew Rita since elementary school and would bombard her with load of questions.  Total silence.  It did not turn out the way she thought it would.  It pissed Hatori off to the point where she wanted to say mean things to her.    And she did!

And the conversation continues like this:

Her little ploy didn’t work.

In the hallway, she overheard Adachi asking Rita if he likeTeroro.Her little brother didn’t need the DVD anymore and she was giving it to him.  Feeling smug, Hatori was satisfied that Adachi didn’t know he was into Teroro in his 4th year of primary school Eerrng!  Rita was happy to receive it.  As the two talked, Rita laughed and Hatori was surprised because it was something he hardly did.  He calls out to her asking if she wanted to go home together, making her sooooooooo happy.

I told you so… in the end, it is me, isn’t it?  — Hatori’s thoughts.

Rita went to retrieved his shoes and they were damaged.  Out of the corner of her eye, Hatori see the two bullies from the cafeteria watching them.  She got worked up and called out to them.  Rita told her it was okay; that’s why he told her to leave them alone.  Tearing up, she replied she wanted to beat the crap out of those jerks for what they did to him.  He, on the other hand, just wanted to kill them but that wouldn’t be a good thing.  He told her to stop crying and stated she haven’t changed and thank her because she said she would be by his side not matter what.

I belong by his side more than anyone.  I love him more than anyone.  Definitely more than Adachi.  — Hatori.

A person moves pass them like the speed of light and kicks the crap out of one of the guys.  Yes!!!  It’s Adachi coming in to save the day.    She told the two she would shout out about the fact they’re shoplifters and exposed them for their crimes and if they laid a finger on Rita, she would not forgive them.  Seeing everything became troublesome, the two left.  Adachi trembled with fear.  Rita angrily asked her what she thought she was doing.  She replied when she thought about what they did to him, her body just moved on it’s own.  Rita called her a pain and he didn’t like those types of things.  Smiling, Adachi repliedshe knows.

In the background, Hatori feels theHeroine character slipping out of her hands.  With shaky words, she asked if Rita was still going home with her.  He apologized and said he was going home with Adachi instead.

The reel was spinning out of control.  Adachi was supposed to be just a side character, but she improved.  The current her seem to make a better heroine.  The realization set in… hard.  She didn’t confess to him and she question was she more suitable a the side character now.

End of chapter 1.

This read cracks me up!  Sucks when the rug is pulled from underneath ya huh?

That’s it in a nutshell.



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