I’ll give you pain… the “twisted affectionate” side to Shoujo

Shoujo can be twisted…


A female lead protagonist has caused someone pain – directly or indirectly.  That person or persons she brought pain to, vows to seek revenge or… instill oneself into her life as someone that is caring, or willing to be there for her and then… this person or persons will bring wrath of unbelievable measures into her life.  However, because it’s shoujo [], there’s always bound to be a happy ending  to the twisted, sordid story.

And now…

Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de

Shoujo, Tragedy, Romance, Comedy

Mangaka:  KURUMATANI Haruko
Year:  2010
Original Publisher:  Shogakukan
Serialized In:  Sho-Comi
Volumes:  2 – Ongoing, 2 chapters scanlated

*Not Licensed in US

Beniko-chan has been going out with her childhood friend, Sora-kun for 4 years.  Sora, who confessed that he would proposed to Beniko when he turns 18, dies while protecting her from a traffic accident.

At Sora’s funeral, Beniko is somewhat in a state of shock and swears she hears Sora calling out to her.  Wandering away, Sora is confronted by Umi, Sora’s twin younger brother who has the same voice as him and looks exactly like him with the exception that he wears glasses.

Beniko is faced with Umi’s frightening attachment to Sora, which has turn into a twisted affection for her.

CAG Impressions:

Just wanna know/read how much pain Umi plans to bring Beniko before it gets all shoujo-ish!

Okay… Beniko, Sora and Umi were all childhood friends.  When Beniko first met Sora and Umi, Sora was the outgoing one whereas, Umi was introverted and always hid behind Sora.  As long as Sora was there, Umi was happy.  The twins’s parents got a divorce and the mother took Sora and Umi went with his father.  the day before Umi and his father move, he had pushed Beniko down some steps when she was picking some Red Spider Lilies and wanted to show them to her. The flowers grew along side the steps. Yelling from the top of the steps, he said he hated someone like her.  The reason behind it,  she was on friendly basis with Sora.

HUGE Brother Complex…

To the present…

Beniko and Sora lived next door to each other, became lovers and now are entering high school together.  Beniko had a dream that morning, sending her tumbling to the floor.  Sora sat up and laughed at her.  In school, one of her friends mentions that her birthday is coming up soon, and after listening to some of her female classmates’ excitement over their boyfriends, she wonders if Sora would say something like…

I want to always be with you…

Sora picked up on the fact she was looking for something for her birthday.  Walking home, they passed the same steps Umi pushed her down from.  Sora stated they were in bloom and they were her favorite flowers.  She replied that the flowers did not have a good omen and she remembered her dream from the morning – she dreamed of the time when Umi had pushed her down the steps.  She even pointed out the scar to Sora.

Beniko asked if Umi was well and Sora replied that he sent him text messages everyday.  Even now, Umi didn’t have any friends and his personality haven’t changed.  She asked if Umi knew they were going out and Sora told her he did, and everything was fine.  Even now, Beniko wanted to know if

Umi still hated her…

That night before going to bed, they said goodnight via their bedroom windows and Sora told her that Umi didn’t hate her –at least that’s what he thinks.  Wasn’t too assuring to Beniko though.  On her birthday, Sora comes down with a fever.  LOL  Definitely something she wasn’t expecting!    After Sora’s mother leaves, he asked her to hold out her hand.  He placed a 4 leaf clover ring on her finger and asked  if it was okay that when he turned 18, he could propose to her. She accepted and he professed that he loved her and always wanted to live with her.  She accepted the pre-proposal with such happiness.


Later, while Sora slept, Beniko was too excited to sleep and she was looking out the window when she saw a stranger shadowing Sora’s house.  Running outside, the person looked like a older Umi and she called out to him and the person ran away.  On the gate wall, there was a single Red Spider Lily, and she wondered did that person [Umi] brought it for Sora.  In the morning, on their way to school, she mentioned to Sora that it was possible she saw Umi lurking outside his house the night before.  Sora was surprised.  He stated if it was Umi, he would’ve contacted their mom.  She replied it could’ve been Umi’s vengeful spirit instead!  Ha!

LOL still thinking that Umi hated her, she told Sora since Umi had a brother complex, it wouldn’t be odd for him to come curse her one day because she was his girlfriend.  With a serious face, Sora said if itreally was Umi, the reason he came was because…

…what happened next

Before he could finish his sentence, he took notice that a truck came out of nowhere.  He yelled for Beniko to watch out, pushes her out of the way and he was struck by the truck.  He died.

… and then

At Sora’s funeral, talk was swirling around Beniko that the driver of the truck was drunk and he saved his girlfriend’s life.  It was raining, and Beniko was in a daze and wondered why everyone was crying.  She could not believe that he was dead.  After all, he promised to proposed to her when he turned 18.  Staring at his Funeral portrait, she wanted him to say her name.  Behind her, someone did call out to her – that sounded just like Sora.  She ran blindly convincing herself that Sora wasn’t dead because he had just called out to her.

It wasn’t Sora who she heard…

It was Umi.  He told her to get under an umbrella and she told him that she was looking for Sora.  He replied that Sora was dead and she refused to believe him.  Then Umi told her that it was her fault that Sora had died.  Grabbing Beniko, Umi violently shook her while screaming repeatedly it was her fault that Sora had died.  Realization sat in Beniko that Sora was really dead and she blame herself.  Staring up at Umi with a sad smile on her face she said…

You’re an Idiot Umi.  I know that the best.

And then she passed out and Umi caught her in his arms.  Umi told a passed out Beniko that he knew she loved Sora, as he had always treasured him and that’s why he won’t forgive her.  He swore he would give her pain upon pain and she should wait for it.

End of Chapter 1.  This read is by:  Midnight Scans.

I’m wondering what poor Beniko is going to go through dealing with the grief-stricken, revenge plotting Umi.  This was a good first chapter.  I myself felt sorry for Beniko.  Totally recommend this read!

That’s it in a nutshell.  Will have another post up later tonight.  K? K!






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