It’s been a hot minute…


Ahhhh… you know that phrase, “life has a way of getting in the way?” The “Reel World’ has been busting myovaries  [ 😯 ] and my online time have almost been nil. 😕 But… I am working on some stuff and thank gaud forWindows Live Writer where I can create my posts and then “click” they’re uploaded to the site. Yay. :mrgreen:

Anyhoo, working on a double ofAku no Hana  [will be posted this afternoon]and some other Manga Reviews of some reads that I’ve pick up. 🙂  Lately (since I’ve only had/have the time to read), I’ve been picking up on some good Manhwa reads.   My MWhore reading list has gotten longer… again!  LOL!

Really wished that the publishing companies that published  licensed manga/manhwa in theUS PUBLISH THE VOLUMES IN A MORE TIMELY FASHION!!!!! 

My freakin’ “wish list”,  “add to list”  is getting seriously long on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Che!   😡    Oh well… gotta get my read on…right?  😛

That’s it in a nutshell.

Laters! 😉


Other than trying to be a Normal Human Being, I'm all about Manga, Anime, blogging, online friends and a big cup of Coffee!!!

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