It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular Chp. 2


In this chapter 2, Tomoko feels that in order for her to be able to talk to others outside of her family – especially boys, she needs “talk time” and tries to get it from her brother.

Mid-terms are about to start and Tomoko is thinking that if she does well on her tests, her classmates would pay attention to her.  However, snapping back to reality, she is still by herself while her classmates make plans to study together.  This causes her to wish that the school was overrun by terrorists or characters from Anime would show up.

Leaving for the day, her teacher told her to be careful on her way home and it shocks the heck out of her thatsomebodyhad afewwords with her, since starting school she hasn’t spoken to anybody.  At home, she reasoned if she could talk to someone, she would be able to recover the communication abilities she once had when she was in Middle School.  She’s fine with talking with Mom and even thought that a “shut-in” could do the same thing too… talk with a parent.  She needed someone of the opposite sex and close to her age that she could have conversations with and the lucky winner is:

So full of confidence that he would talk to her, she merrily enters his room only to be shot down that he doesn’t want to talk.    LOL, she ignores him and sits down on the floor telling him she’s his sister and it’s fine.  He states it wasn’t fine and told her to get out and she wondered if he was really cold hearted, because they used to play games together not long ago.  She forges on with trying to have a conversation with him.  She asked if he wanted to play some WII game and he repliedno.  Then she asked how his club went for the day and he said they had the day off for tests; reaching for the game console, he gets exasperated and yell for her not to poke around his stuff and DIE!

Tomoko was so shocked and replied that he was right… she should try and kill herself.  He regrets what he said and told her he was a little harsh.  She confessed to him that since she started High School, life had raised it’s difficult level.  She feels she’s on “hard mode” now and when she reaches college life, she would be on “nightmare mode” and thought about just skipping to the end.  Her brother told her to calm down and if there was something he could do for her.

Talk with me.

This was her wish. Since she hasn’t talked to anybody outside of her family, she wants him to help rehabilitate her and he have to talk to her for anhour each day. He wanted to know if she had a friend that she could talk with instead of him and she [I would like to think she asked this in a sarcastic way] asked him if he thought she would have friends.  He doesn’t believe that there could be someone whom doesn’t have at least one friend.  Changing up the conversation, she stated since he’s been the forward on his Soccer team since second year, she wanted to know if he hooked up with the ‘girl manager’ every time he scored a winning goal and he wanted to know whatkind of team she thought he was on.

She gave him a paradox of how a Rugby team has a reputation of sexual things happening after a game.  (ha-ha) Her poor brother wanted to know what kind of ideas she had about his Soccer team.  Then she wanted to know if he had decided should she just kill herself.

If she were my brother instead of my sister, I’d just punch her in the face, but… –Tomoko brother’s thoughts.

Lil brother wanted to know how long were they were going to have conversation and she replied until she got a friend; no wait, a boyfriend.  He askedisn’t that like a life sentence?  She replied that she thinks it could be about a month.  Giving in, Lil brother wanted to know what she wanted to talk about and she asked if he thought she was cute.  He replied she was average and Tomoko wanted a break down.  Was she the top of the middle, middle of the middle or bottom of the middle and he simply replied she was average.

Three days later in school, she writes in her notebook that it’s been 43 days since anyone had talk to her.  When class was dismissed, she nervously told her teacher good-bye and he told her to be careful on her way home.  So excited, so ecstatic, Tomoko was so proud of herself that she just had a natural conversation with someone and she was going to stop and buy Ice cream on her way home.

She was soooooooooooo pleased with herself.  Bless her heart!

Going inside the store she told herself that she was going to buy her brother some ice cream too because he had helped her.  At the counter, the cashier asked if she wanted a spoon and she barely whispered that it was fine.  He said he put the items in a back and she replied thank you.  Leaving the store, she was in a dazed because she had an actual conversation with a cute guy.

End of Chapter 2.


LOL  Tomoko and her little delusions is a riot!  Even though her little brother thinks she’s off her rockers, I’m glad that he was willing to help her by talking with her – even though he wanted to punch her in her face!  Ha!  Such the good little brother.




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