It’s not my fault I’m not popular: Chp 3


Tomoko meets up with her friend Yuu-chan from Middle School and she gets the surprise of her life!

Meeting with an Old Friend

Tomoko is at home relaxing listening to a CD when she gets an unexpected call on her cellphone.  She’s surprise that someone was calling her and it turn out to be her old friend from Middle School Yuu,  asking her if she wanted to hang out the next day.  The next day, while waiting for Yuu, Tomoko was beginning to get nervous because she haven’t hung out with anyone in a long time.


Says a flighty, fashionable girl running towards Tomoko, realizing it was her friend Yuu.

Old Yuu

New Yuu

What a difference!

The two goes inside a Coffee café and Tomoko follows behind thinking that Yuu has changed and the way she was dressed seem like a real High School debut. Standing really close behind Yuu, she sniffs her hair and thought she smelled really nice. She wondered do girls normally smelled that good while drooling. [Ha!] Yuu snaps her out of her thoughts by asking what was she having. She told Tomoko that she was getting a Mocha Fellatio and Tomoko started to get worried because she pondered what kind of “sex” drink was Yuu getting and play it safe by just ordering an ice coffee.

While sitting, Yuu told Tomoko she haven’t change at all and she was kind of glad.  Tomoko replied that Yuu changed too and Yuu said since she entered High School, she saw everyone being flashy and she felt out of place and she started wearing contacts and styling her hair.  She then asked ‘Mokkochi’ (Nicknamed for Tomoko) if she was still watching Anime.  When she said she was, Yuu became happy because at school, there’s no one she can talk to about Anime.  She wanted to know was Mokkochi watching anything interesting.

That’s right, even if her appearance has changed, Yuu is still Yuu!! –Tomoko

She replied that she was watching “Moe Pig-Girl” and hope that Yuu didn’t find her disgusting.  Yuu happily told Tomoko that it was fun when Tomoko was around and she’s been wanting to talk to her ever since Middle School ended.  Tomoko was speechless.

The two went to an Arcade, where they used to hang out at.  Yuu points to a game and told Tomoko it was a game she used to be good at.  Blushing, Tomoko said she haven’t play the game in a while and probably wasn’t good at it anymore. But, she began to play and  she haven’t lost her touch!

After winning the game, Tomoko began panting like crazy and Yuu told her to calm down.  Next, the two played a quiz game and Yuu asked Tomoko was she having fun in High School.  Not wanting her to know how it is for hertruly,Tomoko lied and said sheguessshe was having fun and made a few friends.   Yuu said she wished she had gone to the same school as her and if she had – but Yuu didn’t finish the sentence.

The day came to an end.  Yuu told Tomoko that she wanted to hang out again.  As she was leaving, Tomoko shouted for her to wait.  She came clean and told Yuu the truth.  She was hoping to have a fulfilling high school life and it hasn’t happen yet but she was going to try her best and Yuu should try her best too.

Yuu shouted back that she was feeling bad lately, because when she got into high school, she had a fight with herboyfriend for the first time and was depressed about it.  She was going to try her best and as long as she had Tomoko, she’ll be fine.  Tomoko suggested that they go somewhere just the two of them and no matter what, they’re always be together.

End of Chapter 3.


LOL!  What a chapter.  The social life that Tomoko wants, Yuu is having.  The face Tomoko had when Yuu said she had aboyfriend was really funny.  Reality is quite harsh for Tomoko.  Poor boo-boo.

Oh well…




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