It’s not my fault I’m not popular: Chp. 4


This chapter 4 entails Tomoko knocking her classmates because everyone was going to Karaoke and she wants to be part of, but instead she goes to a bookstore and then to a hamburger joint afterwards.

The holidays are upon Tomoko and that means some time off from school and she guess she’ll go online or play some games.   Around her, her classmates are talking about who’s going to Karaoke and Tomoko sits at her desk with negative thoughts about them.

Furthermore, she’s sure they would start playing King’s game and switch from doing nice things to perverted things in one of the enclosed Karaoke rooms.  Tomoko PUTS HERSELF IN THOSE THOUGHTS TOO!  LOL Afterward, she wanted to just go home.

Walking home, she realized she haven’t “wander about after school” like other high school girls.  She felt that doing things like shopping for clothes, eating Crepes, or doing Karaoke alone, would be difficult and wished there was some place someone like her could go and easily enjoyed… she ended at a book and CD store.  There, she could be herself without fear.  The store was pretty crowded  and again, she has negative thoughts about the people there!

Quit slacking off and properly stand guard at home or something geez… well this place with nothing but people below me isn’t so bad… thoughts of Tomoko

She pushes her way to a spot and began reading some manga.  After twenty books, she left because her legs were tired and she needed somewhere to sit down and rest.  She saw a burger fast food restaurant (popular burger joint starting with an “M” in reel time).  The perky cashier asked for her order and Tomoko barely got out that she wanted a hamburger.  When further question if she wanted the set, she mumbled she wanted water and the cashier wanted her to speak up and she said never mind and just got the burger.

She was so nervous ordering. She herself felt there was no need to be so.

Anyhoo, she finds seating upstairs and was amazed that there were a lot of people eating by themselves.  [Tomoko is totally fascinated seeing these single eaters!]  She took a bite of her hamburger and thought it tasted so good.  She haven’t had one since Elementary School and wondered were they always that delicious.  Satisfied with her meal she had good feelings and happy thoughts.  Even if she was by herself, it was fun…but of course it would have been more fun with some friends or boys…  something that could start immediately.

And it did…

No sooner than she had those thoughts, the classmates that went to Karaoke shows up.  She wanted to know why they were there and if they notice her presence, she surely would be made the talk of the class.  She felt she had to get out there.  But the classmates were sitting where the stairs were and she fleece inside the bathroom and did a “Change-a-rama.”   LOL she couldn’t believe she made herself to look like ‘that’ again.  [Refer back to Chp 1 ]  After her fast change, she hurries out of the bathroom, and rush past her classmates.  However, one boy notices the school uniform and wondered who she was.

As she was going down the stairs, lo, and beholdLil Browas on his way up with his friends.  He stops when he see her and thoughtWhat is she doing, this idiot…?!  His friend wanted to know why he stopped and to hurry up.  In passing, one of his friends laughed and said “there was just some really ugly girl, just now.”  [Finally!  I know the lil bro’s name] He askedTomosaif he saw her and he replied no, and the friend said it was a shame because in a way, she was kind of rare.

Now, after that statement was made, Tomoka looks like she’shappy about it in her own weird way.  Instead of going home, she’s in a park on a swing when Tomosa walks up to her and told her they should go home and she’s not to wander off on her own and Tomoka replied “yeah.”

End of Chapter 4.



When I was reading this chapter, I wasn’t thrilled at her negative thoughts.  Tee-hee, but she is who she is and it’s what makes the read.  Her little excursion was cutesy especially at the hamburger joint.  She cracked me up when she had thoughts of eating together with others and there they were andshe runs off.  What a hoot.

What I really love about this chapter,

Tomosa collected his big Sister and took her home.  How cute was that?



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