Jeers: Half & Half


So… finally finish reading Half & Half…


 If I could post a million “Thumbs Down” to this manga, I would do so!

I questioned when I gave the review on this manga: Romance(?)[Really?]   Being that this isShoujoand the Lead Female Protagonisthas to end up with the Lead Male that she’s head over heels for…  in my opinion – and I’m entitle to it, the outcome or the ending of the read wasunrealistic.  Period!!!  I finished the last chapter and I sat at the computer with the blankest expression … ever!  I’ve read some badShoujoand then Ireally read some bad Shoujo to the point where I wanted to gouge my eyes out. I read thelastchapter again because I was really trying to put myself behind the scenes of the story and sorry; can’t do it.

Anyhoo, the jist of the story is this:

Once upon a time ago in their childhood, Itsuki consoled a crying Hina because she got picked on and was called ugly.  Walking hand-in-hand, Itsuki told her (even though he was kidding) that he would marry her – even if she was ugly, called her cute and stuck a flower in her hair.  From that moment on, she wanted them to be together forever and she loved him.  Well, Itsuki moved away and she hasn’t seen him since the 1st grade.

Now, all grown up and in college, Hina dresses like a plain country girl, no make-up and honest, she looks like a tomboy.  Can’t keep a relationship because she still haven’t gotten over her first crush that is Itsuki.  Itsuki appears back into Hina’s life,but not the way she expected him to:  Itsuki comes back looking and dressing as a woman!  Crushed that her first crush was identifying himself as a woman, she tears up and told him that he was her first crush.

All through Volume 1, Hina tries to come to terms with a female Itsuki.  The more she was around him/her, the more her heart could not let go of the dream/fantasy that he would walk back into her life and they would have that happy loving relationship she always wanted, while along [giggling] he was telling her he was looking for a boyfriend and the two of them wouldnothave the relationship that she wants.

Moving on to Volume 2, in walks a guy named Yuuri, that shows Hina some attention, that wants to be with her in ‘in that way’ and she tries to psyche herself that she could fall for this guy too.  She even told Yuuri about Itsuki being her first love and she’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that he identifies himself as a female now, and he’s okay with it!  He still wants to be her boyfriend.    While Hina was on  dates with Yuuri, a lonely Itsuki sat on the porch without his friend and he didn’t like it.

As the story progress, I thought to myself… does romance lends its hand to this read?


The last chapter, Hina and Yuuri are at an Onsen, and it looks like they are going to be intimate, while Hina is still telling herself that she could fall for Yuuri,  all of a sudden,  Itsuki burst into the room and tells Hina they’re going home.  A confused state of mind Hina told him that he shouldn’t do things half-assed and they probably won’t be together like she wants and she starts brawling.

Itsuki was leaving them when all of a [Shoujo] sudden,Hina rushes to Itsuki’s back and puts her arms around him.  Yuuri told her basically, she’s glutton for punishment.  Now, later back at the Grandmother’s house, Itsuki has taken out his extensions and is dressing like a male,  even  though  his  feminine  side  is still  visible.  Hina told him she was fine with the way they were.  The Grandmother is doing her best playing matchmaker to the two while  they  kissed.

So like, even though they probably won’t have a happy ending they anticipate, the last page states they hope they find one soon… like where?

The End.

LOL… this read annoyed the hell out me!  I won’t deny that fact.  I didn’t find it cutesy at all.  But hey, it’s [supposed to be] Shoujo,  and I felt that it was lacking something to lead it to being something that could’ve have been okay or good?

Who am I kidding?  This was bad.

It was lack any sort of realism a read tends to have.  How in the world do a boy whom like other boys since a kid, grows up and become a transgender andstill like the same sexbecomes the man that the female protagonist wants?  What, did Itsuki wake up one morning realizing that Hina was no longer going to hang on to his weave extensions and declared that he was going to become hetero for her sake?  C’mon!!!!  Man, what a irritating read this was.

If you read this read,  I really want to know what your opinion is on this read.  Thank you for reading this Gen-Talk post on Half & Half.

Off to watch ep. 15 of Penquindrum.



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