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Mangaka:  Miharu  [Will confirm when I obtain more information]

I came across this read onBatotoviaJapanzai whom did the scanlating.  I really wasn’t looking to read it… what made me do so, was the

Comments.  Period.

There were some disagreeable comments relating to the male protagonist of the story.  It was enough to make me read and I thought it was quite interesting.  I tried to find more information about the Original  Publisher or the exact year it was published.  The only thing I was able to come up with was that it’s a one-shot from Big Gangan Magazine and being that I can’t read in Japanese, I couldn’t navigate my way through the site – even though I turned on Bing translation.

Sekiguchi-chan is a quiet girl who keeps to herself in class.  Surrounded by other students (two girls and a guy), she diligently reads her book and tries not to pay the conversation around her any mind.  One female student Aya, that sits in front of her casually puts her arm on her desk and Sekiguchi told her not to put her arm ‘don’t casually use other people’s desk.’  Aya apologize and wanted to confirm Sekiguchi’s name by asking with a question.  Yes, it upsets Sekiguchi becauseafter all, they are classmates and Aya acted like she didn’t know her name.

Going home that evening, she lit a cigarette and exhaling, she made a comment thatit would be nice if man-kind just perished, wouldn’t it…?  Little did she know that the guy from her class — Nonohara-kun, was standing directly behind her.  [Tee-hee.]

He took her by surprise and takes the cigarette from her hand and commented that she smokes too.  She wonders if he heard the statement she made.  Take a pull, he starts coughing (Dude, do you even smoke?) and  told her that she shouldn’t smoke too many.  Trying to come off cool, she replied it was fine, it was normal and it was only 8 millimeters and he couldn’t handle the light pull he took.  He told her she should quit.  Still trying to come off cool, she stated it was fine and it didn’t matter because she didn’t have any plans to extend her life.  He replied cigarettes didn’t suit her and she was cuter when she’s not smoking.

Walking together, he commented that she was going home late and if she was part of a club.  She told him that she was at the Library and then stopped by a bookstore.  He exclaimed that she was a real book-worm.

Basically, it was only to kill time.

He asked if there was any books that she could recommend that was easy to read.  He then brought up the statement she made earlier about the extinction of mankind.  Sekiguchi started to blush and said she was just talking to herself.  He walks her to her Mansion (apartment building) and she disappointment set in because they had arrived and wondered if he would come up to her place being that she lived alone.  She asked for the cigarette butt back and he replied that he would throw it away.  She said she would quit smoking and suggested they throw it away together(?).  He gave it back to her and said he hope they got along.  She noticed that he started walking back they way they came.  A warm fuzzy feeling overtook her and she began to smile.

The next day, she brought him a Magical Girl Manga to read.  Going into the classroom, he wasn’t there and he said Good Morning from behind.  She wanted to say “thank you” for walking her home the day before and she had brought a book.  She didn’t get the chance to do so because he and another classmate started a conversation.  While talking, Sekiguchi buried herself in her book.  At the library later, she rested her head on her bag and reflected on earlier how they only exchanged morning greetings and how she was hesitant to bring the book.  Leaving the school, she walked to the Tennis Court  and it was empty.  Annoyed with herself for not talking with him, she put down her other classmates who freely talked to Nonohara.

Walking home, she noticed that someone was walking behind her.  She took out her laser gun from her bag and lashes out.  She realized it was Nonohara.  Calming down, she began to cry because she was scared.  Nonohara apologized because he thought she was a cool and calm type of person and gave her a pat on the head, making Sekiguchi  quite happy.  Up at her apartment, she stares at her naked body in the mirror and picks at her flaws and wished that she was more pretty, more taller and had bigger breasts.  In actuality, what she really wanted was for everyone to die except for him and her.  She thought about how her parents have gotten her the apartment because they were overseas working and when they return, they probably wouldn’t visit her.

Sekiguchi began to plot/fantasize how she could lure Nonohara to her apartment, slip some sleeping pills in a cup of coffee and chain him to her bed with handcuffs… and if that wasn’t feasible, she could knock him out with her laser gun and carry him upstairs using a trolley.  Then she would be able to create a world for the both of them.

From the expression of her eyes, it seems like she’s really contemplating doing such a thing.

Sekiguchi called herself a Idiot.

I’m too pathetic… if I were are beautiful girl… if I were tall, if I had a nice body… if I were a girl that could match him, I wouldn’t need tofantasize.  Maybe we could even be a normal couple.

–Sekiguchi’s thoughts.

Getting on the computer, she began to search for some handcuffs – of course, she’s not seriously thinking about confining Nonohara…   However, if she had them, she could make him hers at anytime.  Sekiguchi unwraps the cigarette butt the two of them shared a pull off and puts it to her lips.

The next day, Nonohara and the other classmates talked about a new Ice cream parlor that opened up by the train station.  Sekiguchi pretended to be reading because inside her head, she questioned how was ice cream enjoyable and begged Nonohara to stop talking to the other classmates and come over and talk to her.

Later that evening, she went and brought the handcuffs… even though she didn’t know how to use them, she felt they were a protective charm for her heart.

She was early for her to meet him on his route home and thought about all the club activities he had to contend with and, she noticed how two days ago, she endlessly thought about him.  While she was thinking that, directly across the street, Nonohara was walking in the opposite direction holding a girl’s hand and she saw them.   They were going to the new ice cream shop.  Going home, Nonohara realized that it was late and he was walking by the spot where he was meeting Sekiguchi at.  She was hiding behind a lamp pole and called out to him.

He questioned what was she doing out late at night and she replied earlier she was walking in front of the station.  He told her that he was by the station not long ago as well.  Sekiguchi told him she knew; she saw him… she saw him walking holding a girl’s hand.  Nonohara confessed that the girl was his girlfriend and they were partners in the Tennis Club.  He goes on to tell Sekiguchi that they went to the new Ice cream shop.  He asked her to keep it a secret because his girlfriend didn’t like herrivals to stand out.  Sekiguchi became really quiet.  Nonohara realized that she probably liked him and said “sorry” in his head.  He told her goodbye in front of her apartment and they would see each other in school the next day.  She thought about school and with tears in her eyes, she reaches inside her bag and rushes at him.  She hits him the back and he looked to see that it was a manga.

She said they had promised before and it was a Ranobe (light novel).  He didn’t know what a Ranobe was.  She told him it was a light novel and they were easy to read.  Nonohara smiled.  He thanked her and stated he would finish reading it soon.  Crying, she said it would take three hours to finish and she would bring him the second volume the next day.  He told her he would tell her what he thought about it.  She commented it was a touching story and she couldn’t stop crying.

End of one-shot.

CAG’s afterwords

When she hit him, I truly thought it was with the laser.  It would’ve been an alternate ending for this one-shot.  Sekiguchi was just really lonely and was happy that she got friendly with one of her classmates—and it was guy.  From the seating arrangement in my opinion, she could’ve easily interjected herself into their daily conversations, or at least try.

From some of the comments, Nonohara wasn’t a ‘liked’ character because some thought being he had a girlfriend he shouldn’t have been friendly or walked Sekiguchi home. I don’t agree…  I took it from the aspect that they are classmates, she’s a female walking home at night and being it was in his direction (there wasn’t really any inclination it wasn’t), he wanted to make sure that she got home safely.

Yes, it was a one-sided infatuation and she did have those crazy thoughts… but in the end, she did gained a person that she could have regular conversations with and perhaps, this could bring her into conversations with her other classmates.  Well that’s what I think anyway.

Could’ve this have been stretched into a 1 volume?  Yes!!!!  Sekiguchi could’ve went with her fantasy and handcuffed him to her bed.  It would’ve been a twisted story henceforth, but I’m quite sure theShoujo Factorwould work itself into the story.  I thought this read was good.  Totally recommend it.

Japanzai upload their work to Batoto, and you can read ithere.  If anybody reads this one-shot, share your thoughts on it with me.  K?


Rating: I gave it a high rating because it let my imagination run wild with alternate endings.



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