M-Reivew: Aku no Hana

Drama, Psychological, Shounen, Romance, School Life

Mangaka: OSHIMI Shuuzou
Original Publisher:Kodansha
Serialized in: Bessatsu Shounen Magazine
Volumes: 10 – Ongoing

Licensed in US:  Yes – Vertical

Kusuga-kun steals a pair gym clothes of the girl he likes, the next day the girl who sits behind him reveals that she saw everything. Now if he doesn’t form a “contract” with her, she is going to tell.

CAG’s Impressions:

Words kinda fails me… no, wait: CRE-EEE-PPPY!

Takao Kasuga-kun is a normal, quiet, bookworm of a boy who secretly has a crush on Saeki Nanako-chan, a pretty popular girl of his class. Secretly he daydreams that she in turn, likes him too. One day on his way home with his friends, he forgets his book in the classroom, and he goes back to retrieve it. When he turn to leave, a gym bag falls to the floor. It belongs to Saeki-chan. Opening the bag, he takes out her gym clothes and get all excited because they smelled like shampoo.


Kasuga heard a noise coming from  outside the classroom and became frighten that someone may walk in and find him with Saeki-chan’s gym clothes. Not knowing what to do, he hides the clothes under his shirt and rushes out. At home, he can’t believe that he stole Saeki’s clothes. The next day, a teary-eyed Saeki enters the classroom with the teacher and he announced that someone stole her gym clothes and that they should be returned. Kasuga panic. Behind him, a female classmate (named Nakamura) sheepishly smiles.

When school was over Kasuga is leaving his bike, and cross paths with Nakamura and she asked him for a ride on his bike. Reluctantly, he give her a ride and she informs him that she saw him steal Saeki’s gym clothes.


I thought the poor boy was going to have a heart attack! Ha!

Kasuga freaks out so bad, that he runs away screaming leaving Nakamura-chan bewildered and with his bike! At home eating dinner with his parents, he’s nervous and scared. After the meal, he went upstairs to his room, full of anxiety that he would be labeled a pervert. Kasuga came to the decision that he was going to confess his crime and apologize to Saeki-chan.

Now, this is where it starts to get all creepy…

With gym clothes in hands, Kasuga shows up for class the next day.  Nakamura walked into the classroom and he’s afraid… (by rightly so.)  She slips him a note telling him to meet her in the library.  Waiting for her, he cradles the clothes in his arms.  Nakamura  shows up and asked him why did he run the day before.  Poor Kasuga trips over his words.  Nakamura became quite nasty with Kasuga and starts to insult him–badly.   Kasuga states that he was prepared to confess his crime.   Again, Nakamura tells him that she would not tell anybody, provided that he forms a contract with her.

Nakamura showed just much of a masochist she really is!

Just to show Kasuga how evil she is, she had told Saeki-chan beforehand to meet her at the library as well.  When she [Saeki] shows up, Nakamura told her that Kasuga had something to tell her.  Instead of stating that he was the one that stole her clothes and come clean about it, he starts stuttering and Nakamura gives him a shove, and he falls directly into Saeki’s chest.  LOL!!!   Surprised and embarrass, Saeki dashes out of the library.  Nakamura demands that Kasuga writes her an essay on how it felt to have his face hit her chest.  O.O

Moving forward, Nakamura makes Kasuga’s life a living hell.  She has taken “bullying” to a complete new level.  She dominates him by constantly telling him that he is a perverted bastard, a perverted this, and a perverted that and his whole existence is purely base on perversion.  At one point, I actually started feeling sorry for the Kasuga’s character  because chicky (Nakamura) was truly creeping me out!

A part of me was hoping that the mangaka would give Kasuga back his balls and let him at least (just once perhaps?)bitch-slap Nakamura.  Thus far, ummm no.  But the story does have its twists to it and that’s what keep me wanting to read more.

This manga is definitely a page turner.

If you’re into the psychological drama genre, check this out.  😉

Until the next review.

Laters!  😀



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