M-Review: Ao no Exorcist

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Ao no Exorcist

Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Shounen

Mangaka: KATOU Kazue
Original Publisher: Shueisha
Serialized in:Jump SQ
Volumes: 13 – Ongoing
Licensed in US:  Yes – Viz (11 Volumes – Ongoing)

Orig. posted 3/38/11.

This world consists of two dimensions joined as one, like a mirror. The first is the world in which the humans live, Assiah. The other is the world of demons, Gehenna. Ordinarily, travel between the two, and contact between the two, is impossible.  However, demons can pass over into the Assiah world by possessing anything that exist within it.  To which Satan whom is the god of demons and he can’t pass over into the human world because ahuman container, or a [human] vessel that is powerful enough to contain him!! For that purpose he created Rin and his fraternal twin brother Yukio,  from a human woman in order to have ‘that’ vessel he needs to crossover.  Things don’t exactly happen as expected.

My Impressions:

Reminds me of Defense Devil in the sense that both main characters are funny, silly and quirky.Not really Devil/Demon, “I will destroy you” material. 😛

I like these littleDevil-supposed-to-be-bad, but are actually good at heart stories. One of the reasons why I gravatated towards this read.


Meet Rin-kun… your average teenager who give his father and everyone around him a hard time because he’s always getting into fights. Out one day going to a job centre, he gets into a fight with a group of boys who were up to no good — they were chopping off the legs of pigeons. After the fight was over, the boys called Rin a monster and he let them know they were far worse. Dreading going home, Rin knew he was going to get chewed out for fightingagain. Rin lives in a monastery with his faternal twin Brother Yukio, both raised by the Priest who runs the monastery, Father Fujimoto.

Ao_no_Exorcist_fatherfujimotoFather Fujimoto is an exorcist. He pays close attention to Rin and is often hard on him. Not because he wants it that way… he wants Rin to grow up as an upstanding citizen as well as a good human being —for good reasons as we will find out later. After learning that Rin got into a fight, he chastises him and afterwards tell him that a friend of his who owns a restaurant is looking for hired help. It would be right up Rin’s alley since he’s good at cooking. Rin protest because he doesn’t feel that he would be able to do it.

Father Fujimoto is told that he had a visitor and he tell Yukio to attend to Rin’s wounds. Rin compliments Yukio on getting into True Cross Academy High School. Yukio replied that he wants to be a doctor and Rin told him he would be good at it. Yukio asked Rin what he wanted to do in life, because he was worried about him just like their father was and Rin told him that he wanted to grow up and be respectable.  Yukio convinces Rin to go on the interview that was set up for him. One of the priests who lives at the monastery, gave Rin a suit and told him that it would be best if he goes looking presentable. After putting on the suit, he realized that he didn’t know how to put a tie on. As he was leaving the house, he sees Father Fujimoto giving a little girl a charm to protect her against evil spirits. Rin commented that evil spirits does not exist and Father Fujimoto told him that they did exist. He notice Rin doesn’t have the tie on and inquired about it and embarrassed, Rin didn’t know how to tie the Tie properly, so he tried to sell the idea that he was dressed “smart-casual”. LOL 😛 Father Fujimoto called him a liar and fix the tie for him.

The two share a moment between father and son and he told Rin to show him just how much of an adult he could be. After throwing a little fit and vowing that he would, Rin storms off to the interview. Watching Rin Leave, Father Fujimoto sees a little demon bug and squashes it. He becomes worried and says Rin’s name.

While looking for the restaurant in the shopping district Rin notices a lot of bugs, but did not realized that they were little demons. He runs into the boys that he had the fight with the day before. The leader apologizes, telling Rin that he was going to True Cross Academy and it would be bad if anyone found out that he was a trouble maker. Rin found it strange that he could see that the boy had horns and a tail. The boy offers Rin money, stating that he knew that they were poor. Rin refuses and told him to forget about it. The boy would not let it go. He kept going on about how poor this they were, and how poor that they were and even went as far as to tell Rin that Yukio only gotten into True Cross because of a scholarship. The statement pushes Rin over the edge and he punches him. The other boys gang up on Rin and remembering that he promised that he had the interview, got so pissed that blue flames appeared on him. The demon-possed boy told Rin that he has been looking for him and that they should set forth, as Satan-sama was waiting for them. Rin had no idea what he was talking about.

Father Fujimoto appears and exorcised the demon. He explained to Rin that the boy was possessed and the little demon bugs he was seeing, lurks around people who had dark souls. Father Fujimoto goes on to explain that the world consists of two dimensions joined as one like a mirror; the world they lived in was calledAssiahand the other, the world of demons was known asGehanna. Although it should be have been impossible for travel between the two worlds. However, demons could possess anything in Assiah, their world. Father Fujimoto told Rin because of the incident, they [the demons] has learned of his awakening and he had to be hidden before they found him, and that he — Rin is the son of Satan. Fujimoto told Rin that he had to leave the monastery and go into hiding. He gives Rin possession of a demon slaying blade calledKurikara. Rin’s demon powers have been transferred into the sword and sealed by the scabbard. If Rin were to ever unsheath the blade, he would return to his demon form.

Father Fujimoto becomes possessed by Satan himself while trying to aid Rin in his escape. In the end, he dies and Rin blames himself for it. Rin then enrolls into Cross Academy along with his brother Yukio — whom is a teacher and an exorcist. What comes next is Rin dealing with being the Son of Satan, along with all the trials that comes along with it… dealing with his classmates, the Vatican and all who wants Satan to get ahold of Rin.   However… Rin plans to become thegreatest Exorcistever!  Can’t wait to get to that part!  😛

This manga has been green-lit for an Anime Series (Yayyyy!!! 😀 ) and I’m soooooooooo looking forward to it when it comes out in theSpring 2011 Releases.This is one of my favorite manga that I’m currently reading. Love Rin and his comical persona.




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