M-Review: Heat

Mature (graphic depictions of sex and bloodshed),action, drama, seinen

Mangaka: Buronson (YOSHIYUKI Okamura)
Artist: IKEGAMI Ryoichi
Publisher: Shogakukan Productions Co.
Serialized in:Big Comic Superior
Completed in Original Country

*Licensed in Poland*

CAG Impressions:

Besides being a page turner, I’m liking the story very much!  😀

Okay first of all, there is no fluff in this manga!  LOL  Adult reading all the way.


A Crane, why a crane?

For me, it’s a symbol for how the weak can win against the strong… –Karasawa

karasawaA young man by the name of Karasawa walks on the scene (Shinjuku) with all braun and heart and a “take no prisoners” persona.  Not your typical gangsta type… just someone who’s only agenda is on himself, and whom ever wants to roll with him can do so: a group made up of “Friends.”  By no means do he consider them Yakuza.  This macho attitude is causing a stir with other organizations and the police — especially the chief [Chief Kuriki].  But then of course…when your wife gets screwed (royally) by someone like Karasawa-san… I guessin’ I’d be mad too and want to crush him like a bug!LOL  His main present is like a toothache that all wants removed by any means necessary.

Within days of arriving in the Shinjuku area, Karasawa takes over a lucrative Host Club.  He does this by first going to see a loan shark named Itami-san.  He breezes into Itami-san’s office asking for a loan of 1 million yen and… he had no collateral and expected Itami-san to have good faith in him.  Instead of giving him the loan, he gives Karasawa his first job.  The club is own by an Cantonese organization and after taking ownership of the club Karasawaliterallygoes to the organization and threatens them.  Blazing I tell ya, blazing…

For all that he’s done, it does not go unnoticed by the Yamaou Group and their top man of Tokyo, Murasame-san whom is in cahoots with Chief Kuriki.  Murasame thinks lowly of Karasawa and for every time he does, Karasawa shows him just how deep and smart of a man he really is.

… do you really think an Amateur can go up against the Yakuza?

Because I’m an Amateur, that’s why I can win.  — Karasawa

Heatjust tells an exciting story of a man who does things his way, the people who interacts with him — friend or foe and the women who will spread their legs to him at a drop of a dime.  Like I stated earlier, there is no fluff to this story!  On the mature side, full of drama and life of the underworld in Tokyo.  Karasawa  has an allure about him that brings out the best or the worst in the people who are associated with him.  They tend to draw towards him like  a moth to a flame.

Read a couple of reviews on this manga and the bloggers didn’t really care for it.  I think this read is pretty good and it’s a page turner.  I couldn’t help but find myself being drawn into the story when I marathoned all chapters (11) that’s out thus far and I’m looking forward to the next one!  Hardcore drama your thing, then I recommend this read.  Heck, I would love to see it given the green-lit for a late night series.  So would watch it!  😀

You, the reader will not be disappointed in the storytelling and the drawing is awesome.   This is one of EasyGoing Scans projects.

This manga received the Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga in 2002.

Until next review.   Trying quite hard to do at least 2 posts per day moving forward… wish me luck!  😛

Laters!  😉



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