m-ReViEw: Hero


Shounen, Action, Drama

Author:* WANG Yu Chen
Artist:  YOU Ling
Year Published:  2014
Original Publisher:  [To Come]Serialized In:  [To Come]Volumes:  Ongoing

Licensed in US:  No

Manhua – Read from Left to Right


Oldman, a mysterious man who wears an old-man mask and punish the criminals and evils in the city, is the idol of many, including an elementary student named Tong. Even though Tong’s father is a policeman, he feels embarrassed and ashamed of his father’s inability to solve any crimes. However, on the day of Tong’s 12th birthday, something shocking happened…

CAG Impressions:

Quite the page turner… looking forward to how the story will unfold.

Hero starts out pretty strong; there’s a murder.  The culprit, a young man with a distinguish-looking knife stating he had to get closer.  Piqued my interest!  So, we have this “modern” day character that dresses up like an old man, and wears an old man mask thus namedOldman.    This person goes around killing the bad people like drug dealers, rapists, and murderers.  He’s become the savior to the masses for the deeds (crimes – well, killing someone is indeed a crime) that he does by trying to keep the public safe, as well as giving away money he took off the bad guys.  Oldman is a being that’s loved and admired.

Gao Tong, a young boy is also a great admirer of Oldman.  The son of an Police Officer, he oftens compares the deeds of Oldman to that of his father and the Police force.  One day at Career Day at school, Tong wrote a essay that his father was a Policeman and useless.  Totally embarrass the poor man by his words.  Surprisingly, he got an “A+” for that essay!  The two are a couple of oddballs, as Tong wishes his father could be Oldman or rather… he wants his day to be a Hero.

Meanwhile somewhere in the City, a crime is being committed.  And Oldman shows up to save the day.


The situation with Oldman being held as a hero and savior is becoming taxing to the Police Officers.  Tong’s father is feeling the weight of the negativity.  While on the scene of a crime, the victim proclaimedif it wasn’t for Oldman, he would be dead and that the Cops were useless.  Tong’s father is even more so weighted down as his son believes he is jealous of Oldman.

Nothing will ever be same…

On Tong’s twelfth birthday, Tong’s parents takes him out to see an action movie, where the Hero saves the day and gets the girl in the end.   On their way after the movie, they encounter a purse snatcher and the father intercepts him and he is stabbed in the arm by the perpetrator.  He then lunges his knife at the father and called him a “Hero Wannabe.”  Tong’s father apprehends the crook and proclaimed he was not a hero as Tong and his mother watches.  Tong is in awe at how swiftly his father took down the criminal.  He hugs his father and calls him a hero and the wife chastises him for not carrying his gun.

As the Father is about to call the police, Oldman appears in the background.  Tong is so excited that he’s seeing him in the Flesh.  The Father stated he [Oldman] was not needed at the scene.  Oldman replied he didn’t appear forTrash like him[the perpt].  What happens next even took me by surprised…

Oldman stabs Tong’s father.

Leaning over, Oldman whispers in the Father’s ear,I came for you.  The excitement and adrenaline slowly drains from Tong and is replaced by shock.  Shock that the person his admired so much and  ridiculed his father over.  As Oldman fades into the darkness, a shocked Tong was left with his crying mother.  Before his father died, he gave Tong a sheathed knife for his birthday said,

Only a blade with a sheath can do justice..”

A new chapter of Tong’s life begins.


Thus far, this has started as on a good note.  I want to read more chapters to see what impact his father’s death has on him and what does he think about Oldman now that he killed his father?  Revenge?
More Revenge?

That’s how it’s looking to me.  Totally recommend this read if you are into Drama.

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Okay, with things finally slowing up a bit, will try to post more! happy-wink




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