M-Review: Heroine Shikkaku

Comedy,Shoujo, School Life, Drama, Romance

Mangaka:  KODA Momoko
Year:  2010
Original Publisher:  Shueisha
Serialized In:  Betsuma
Volumes:  10 Volumes – Complete
Licensed in US: No

This could be any girl. Imagine being a heroine of a love story. Hatori also believed that one day she would get married to her childhood friend, Rita.  But that’s not how the world works! This is a hilarious comedy that honestly paints a painful unrequited love story of this young girl!  [MangaUpdates]

CAG Impressions:

I felt like I was reading a Shoujo Manga within a Shoujo Manga!   Some funny stuff here guys.  [Can’t believed I typed that, but this read is a riot!]

Thinking this will be one that I’ll pick up and blog about, so this is just a review only and not a chapter review.  K?  K!

The world is a stage, and all are playing a role… however, there can only be one leading ladyplayingthe role!

Hatori-chan has been with her childhood friend Rita-kun for the longest.  She paints herself as theHeroine of the storybecause when they were in 5th grade, Rita’s mother left.  Some boys stated she left her family for a younger man, setting off Rita and in the middle of the fight, Rita had picked up a chair and was about to bash one of the boys when she called out to stop it and she would be by his side.  When she said it, she was playing the role ofNausica.


She knows everything about him…everything.  So, it’s no surprise to her if he got himself a girlfriend and quickly breaks up with the girl.  It’s just a passing fling…

After all, she is the girl that’s tied to Rita.  Plus, she feels those girls don’t play an important role anyway…  [Official Shoujo face-icon].

Hatori views life as if it was one big stage where everyone has a role to play:  Leads and supporting characters.  A trait that annoys the crap out of her best friend Nakajima-chan, whom knows of her feelings towards Rita.  When it comes to other girls, Hatori’s thoughts are on the rude side, crass and devious.

But what happens when theLeading Roleis snatch away from you?

Nakajima told Hatori from time and time again, and so forth and so on, that she [Hatori] shouldconfess her feelings to Rita.  To not take for granted that all of Rita’s relationships were passing flings and he may eventually

wind up with someone that he really cares about!


Little Miss Hatori doesn’t see it that way. She has been with him for the longest and she is the onlyHeroine of the story and no one, DEFINITELY no can take her place!  Well… you snooze, you lose when you take things for granted and that’s what happen to Hatori.  A girl has come onto the stage and snatch the lead role from her, thus throwing the roles and the stage in complete chaos!

Between the caricature facial features of the main female protagonist [Hatori] when things don’t go her way, is priceless!  What will be the outcome?  Will she finally get the Male Lead to fall for her, or… will something else happen like male supporting role sweep her away instead?  Expect some twists, angst and humorous moments in this read.  Stay tuned!


I’ve read some really bad shoujo, some mediocre shoujo, ‘not-too-bad’ shoujo and then there are some thatcompletely takes me by surprise!  Heroine Shikkaku has definitely done that.  I got a kick out of the chapters that I’ve read.    Totally recommend this read.  The scanlation group behind this read isAnime-tion Scanlations.

Will bring forth Chp 1 post later today.  Gotta make some moves in the reel world.





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