M-Review: Ibitsu


Horror, Suspense, Psychological

Year Published:  2009
Mangaka:  RYOU, Haruto
Publisher:  Square Enix
Volumes: 2 – Complete


Itou Kazuki came across a dirty girl in a Lolita dress one evening returning home.  Something about her presence made him feel uneasy and uncomfortable.  When he passes her, she asked “Do you have a little sister?”  Kazuki answered her backyes and hurried home.  Looking out his window she was gone.  What transpires next, will change his life forever.

There’s an urban legend, that if you come across a girl dressed “Lolita-style” and she asks you “Do you have a little sister,”don’t answer back.  In fact, just get away from her as quickly as possible.

Ibitsu is about a deranged 11 year old girl named Kanbe Remina-chan that was submitted to a psychiatric hospital after being the only survivor of her murdered family.  She tells the tale of being treated cruelly by her brother whom like to see her dressed in Lolita style fashion.  One of his punishment was to have her eat trash.  The doctor who was in charge of her care, sees her not getting better and decides to treat her nicely and fill in for a big brother for her.

The doctor does not realize just how twisted the girl is.  One patient gets too close to him and she’s found hung.  The realization sets in and he realizes his mistake and the dire consequences was awful.  He goes on a killing spree at the hospital and then commits suicide.  From that point onward, whenever a male encounters this Lolita, tragedy is surely ensued.

The read revolves around the male protagonist, Itou Kazuki.  He came across the Lolita sitting amongst a trash pile one night.  Feeling uneasy about her, he wanted to past quickly by and as he’s doing so, she asked “hey, do you have a younger sister?’  He replied that he did and goes on his way.  From that moment on, she infuses herself into his life – but in a bad way.  She believes herself to be his younger sister.  After seeing Kazuki’s real sister, Hikari-chan, she wants Hikari gone.  First, in order to become part of Kazuki’s life, she lied to the Landlady to get the key to Kazuki’s apartment.  One night Hikari was on her way over and she’s talking on the phone with her brother.  Kazuki tried to tell her not to go inside the apartment.  But she does anyway and comes across the Lolita, whom has made herself at home.  Hikari is scared.  Kazuki comes home and to a horrible scene where Lolita is attacking Hikari, stating she would be a ‘far better’ sister than his own.

The read continues where Lolita was it takes to make sure that Kazuki is in her possession – even if it means that friends and family would die.  People were getting killed left and right in her wrath.  One evening,  Hikari goes missing and one of Kazuki friends looked up the urban legend online and it told of detail how other males got involved with the Lolita and lost their lives because they answered the Lolita, “No [they don’t have a younger sister]. Kazuki questioned what would happen to him, because he answered ‘yes.’  Another part of the site a witness wrote they saw the Lolita going into an abandoned hospital.  Kazuki and his friends set out to investigate the hospital.  There, he learns about how several years ago, a doctor went on a killing spree and then committed suicide.  Kazuki’s friends were killed while they’re in the hospital and running around wildly and scared, Lolita catches up to Kazuki and he tried to killed her.  After getting away,  he ran into a room and rummaged around in a drawer.   There, he finds the doctor’s diary and learns the truth behind the Lolita.

The Lolita catches up to him again and a fight breaks out between the two.  In order to save his life, he pretended to be nice to her and she disappears and Kazuki passes out.    He wakes up to find himself in his parents home.  Thinking the nightmare was over, he is happy until she appear and he realized he was still in hell.  Lolita brought him home the night before, and when his parents insisted on calling her “the friend,” she killed them.  Kazuki loses his mind and Lolita imprisons him in the house.  In the end, he becomes the casualty of the Lolita.

On the news the next morning, it told how four bodies were found in the Itou’s residence and that it was confirmed that the son, did the killings and then committed suicide.  The Lolita is off once again to find another victim so she be a little sister again.


This was a good read.  I had read this back in 2011 and after reading again this morning, I thought that I should write a review on it.    This would make one serious scary anime!  It’s been a while since agoodscary series been green-lit.

I felt sorry for Remina-chan.  She was psychologically damaged by her older brother, which cause the turn of events of her searching for that ‘Ideal’ older brother who would treat her nice and love her.  For each time she found thatpotentialolder brother and he did not turn out the way she thought he should, he would be killed.  The never ending search for that idyllic older brother and thus, giving birth to an urban legend.

This a good one.  If psychological thrillers are your thing, you will most definitely enjoy this read.  😉

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I give this read,




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