m-ReViEw: Kiss My Ass

Comedy, School Life, Ecchi, Seinen

Mangaka:  OHMI, Takesi
Year:  2013
Original Publisher:  Shonen Gahosha
Serialized in:  Gekkan Young King
Volumes:  2 – Complete


High school Student Yakushiji Teniki,  suffers from hemorrhoids.  However, this by far is no NORMAL case!

CAG Impressions:

Ummm… yeah.

What made me take a “lookie” at this read — you guessed it: the Name.  Kiss My Ass. excitedA manga about a boy who has hemorrhoids and how he envisions how they look — like demons and a girl, who has the same symptoms as he does, decides to become his comrade in the fight against hemorrhoids.  Besides this read having an off-beat humor, it also has an educational side.

quietImagine that…

yakushijiYakushiji Teniki-kun is an average High School Student, has friends, a girl he likes and suffers from hemorrhoidsbadly!  He imagines he’s fighting a deadly  demon that causes him great pain.  However, due to his poor diet,has Yakushiji ever wondered why he suffers so much?  He consumes a lot of spicy foods, particularly junk food.

He doesn’t go to the doctor on the regular out of fear that someone will find out and he’ll be ridiculed for it.  So, he goes through life as if nothing is wrong.  That is far from the truth; standing is painful, sitting is painful, being playfully hit on his arse is enough to drive him insane with pain.

Whenever the Hemo acts up, he discreetly go to the bathroom and pushes it back in.

 HemosAlthough he’s going through his trials dealing with the Hemos, the Mangaka gives you adelightfulexplanation/description of what hemorrhoids are along with descriptive images.  Ha!  While Yakushiji thinks he’s alone in his suffering, he’s actually not.  A female student, Miura has been watching him.

While carrying a heavy box along with a pile of books a female classmate put on top of the box to the Science Lab, the stress from the heavy load had the Hemos on the verge of coming out.  He was saved just in time.  Miura helped him by taking the stack of books off the box.  She told him that she needed to talked to him.  Curiosity got the best of Yakushiji and he questioned what she wanted to talk to him about and she replied that she would tell him later.  He pondered during the course of the day what she wanted to say.

almost-accidentAt the end of the day, he approached Miura and she gave him a letter and told him to read it.  She wanted to discussed his “Butt” situation with him and he should meet her in the Art Room at 5 pm.  Yakushiji was mortified!  He could not believed that someone knew of his secret, one that he tried his best to safeguard.

Meeting, he jokingly asked if Miura thought his “butt” was sexy and she corrected him by stating she was talking about his Hemos.  He jumps to all kinds of conclusions of her telling the whole school.  While in this state, his Hemos peeped out behind a curtain.

Yakushiji wanted to know what kind of proof did she have and she broke it down to him.   He denied, denied, denied that he had Hemos.  He tried to get quickly leave, and swiftly kicked in the arse.

I can only imagine how unbearable that pain must have been.

Poor Yakushiji was on all four  and couldn’t move.  Miura stated because he couldn’t move, he was probably on ‘Stage 4.”  She walked up behind him and quickly pulled down his pants, exposing his butt.  She produced a suppository and statedit was going to hurt a lotand inserted into his anus.  He passed out from the pain.

Waking up hours later, the pain was gone.  She told him they were now “Jiyuu Jin,” a combination of Hemos and friends, because they both suffer from the same problem.  And with that statement, Yakushiji saw an

Anal Angel inside of her.

What a hoot!  LOL

The first chapter ends with her telling him, the next time he would have to do it.  Insert the suppository up her butt.

This was a funny first chapter in an off-beat kind of humor.  I thought it was funny enough to keep reading it.  And to my surprise it did get funnier.

Totally recommend this read if you are into off-beat humor and don’t mind learning a lesson at the same time. 😛

Such a downright silly read!


This read is scanlated byMK42Dragon Scanlations

So, moving right along.

Laters!  😉



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