M-Review: Kono Oto Tomare!

Drama, School Life, Shounen, Music, Romance

Year Published:  2012
Mangaka:  AMYUU
Publisher:  Sheisha
Magazine:  Jump SQ
Volumes:  4 – Ongoing
Licensed in US:  No


Takezou-kun is the sole member of the school’s Koto Club.  Since all the Senior (Senpais) graduated, he has the task of recruiting new members, or else the club will be terminated.  Somewhat of a docile nature, proving to obtain new members was not going well at all… that is to say until one day a bad boy burst into the music room declaring that he wants to become a new member.  Takezou-kun believed him to be violent and he doesn’t know how he’s going to handle this new recruit. Is he serious about joining, or just want to play around?

CAG’s Impressions:

I like this read… yea, I like it alot! 🙂

This read had me from the first chapter.  Thinking I’m going to blog on this read.  This M-Review features the characters (friends).

Introducing:  The Unusual Suspects


Takezou-kun the last member of the Koto Club, because all the other members were his Senior and they had graduated.  Takezou wants to keep the club alive and in order to do so, he needs to recruit new members.  This club has special meaning to him and he did not want to lose it.    With a positive attitude he sets out to recruit new members.  However, it doesn’t go as well as he plan because other students know that the Koto club only has one member and it would be a waste of space, so they claimed the room as they own to hang out.  Quite the studious student; he was not going to allow them to take over the club he’s working hard at keeping open.  Mild mannered, good nature guy, who has a love for the Koto.  He’s encouraged by the Principal because the club was founded by an old friend of his and he would hate for it to closed. Even though he has the support of the Principal, there are other factions that wants to do away with it.  Takezou will have to work hard to prove that the club is a saving cause.


Chika-kun.  Troubled and misunderstood.  Has a history of violent fighting.  The only person that could control him and his anger, was his grandfather, a Koto Craftman.  Chika went to live with him when was in Middleschool, after a fall out with his dad.  Always in trouble, he depends on his grandfather as his caregiver.  Chika is in need of attention and affection .  His grandfather seriously concerned about Chika, and taught him about the mystique of the Koto Instrument when he showed some curiosity about the instrument.


The Grandfather.    No matter how bad the neighbors talked about him, the grandfather would come to his grandson’s defense. Chika changed his ways under the guise of his grandfather.  Because of this, people who Chika used to associated with, was not happy with the change he’s made.  In retaliation, they vandalized the Grandfather’s house, destroyed all the instruments and Chika was blamed for the incident.  His grandfather collapsed later that night, and died days later.  This has affected Chika deeply.


Takaoka Tetsuki.  Good friend to Chika.  Will steer him in the right direction when Chika goes to far to the left.  Really concerned about Chika’s well-being and will even helped him out behind the scene.  A kind, yet firm kind of guy that’s totally in Chika’s corner.


The Comic Relief of the Read: Mizuhara Kota, Sakai Michitaka and Adachi Saneyasu.  To every good read, there’s always the comic relief character or characters.  He/She/They are the cohesiveness that gives the story depth.  These guys are also Chika’s friends.  They joined the Koto Club because if the club did not have a certain amount of members, it would be disbanded.  Never thought they would be in such a club but, joined to support Chika.  Never played before, but are willing to give it a try.  Their antics and comic scenes are funny.  Even though they are the comic relief, they too are concerned about Chika and wants to support him in the Koto Club.


Satowa Houtsuki.  Professional Koto player.  Comes from a well-established Koto Group.  Satowa wants to join the Koto club, but her attitude stinks!  She feels that the present club members are beneath her and the one that she antagonize the most, is Chika.  He shouldn’t touch a Koto at all.  Satowa has issues that she’s keeping secret.  She doesn’t have the means to be in a social gathering, no friends, speaks her mind in a negative way and thus, she’s a loner.  Chika is highly irritated with her, but can see right through her and she hates him for it.  She is what the club needs to stay afloat.  Her valuable knowledge of the Koto will take them far and insures the future of the club.

There are more characters to introduce, but will be done when I start blogging on the chapters.


This read is good!  I’m enjoying what I have read thus far.  The forming of friendships, coming together in good times and the bad and the want of amainto be happy and live a fulfilling life, is priceless.

Totally recommend this read.  This is the kind that deserves a green-lit for anime.  Will it though?  We shall find out soon enough.

Another M-Review.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Laters!  😉



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