M-Review: Lucifer no Migite

Seinen, Mature, Psychological

Year Published:  2010
Mangaka:  SERIZAWA,  Naoki
Original Publisher:  Kodansha
Serialized in:  Morning
Volumes:  6 – Complete
Licensed in US:  No


Katsumi Yu, a doctor went to Africa as a Volunteer Project Doctor.  For a while, he was happy at what he was doing until a Civil War broke out in that peaceful region he was stationed at.  He and other doctors was captured by a guerilla group whom had victims that needed treatment.  He did what he was sworn to do and after a while, the guerilla group hunted, by the Regime Group of the newly elected President attacked the camp.  The incident at the camp changed Yu.  Three years later, he returned to Japan.  Staying in Yokohama, Yu cannot let go of his demons and constantly drinks.

Following a read of a man who may spiral downhill on an uphill turn or saves himself in the end.

CAG Impressions:

Interesting!  On the mature (18+) reading.

Katsumi Yu seemed like a nice guy before he allowed his demons from being a project doctor in Africa take him over.  In the present in Yokohama, he drinks his life away.  He has hit rock bottom and there, he’s comfortable.  He not suicidal because he’s still among the living.  He has a friend/colleague (name not given yet) that wants him to come back to the medical fold and this friend seems like he still believes in Yu.  However, not able to come to terms with the incident in Africa as a doctor, he doesn’t even have the will to become an upstanding citizen.

At the guerilla camp he was first held as hostage and then continue his field work helping the wounded, it was attack and it took him by surprised.  His main concern was to make sure that the injured was safe.  Something inside him crack and he pick up an semi-automatic rifle and blanked out.  Coming to, he was surrounded by corpses and a smoking rifle.

Later, Yu treated a Tattoo artist to a beer and inkind, he gave Yu a free tattoo of a fallen angel painted on the wall in back of him.


Thus, over the head of the tattoo, he had the name, “Lucifer.”


Now, back in the Yokohama, he’s just a drunken wanderer with no sense of purpose — until that fateful night he got into a fight, helped a victim in a car crash, unknowingly stabbed from the fight earlier that night and winded up in the medical clinic of  Dr. Minatono (Sensei) along with the man who stabbed him.  An underground establishment for the Yakuza, illegal aliens and the ‘shady’ people, Dr. Minatono feels that he could use Yu’s expertise after seeing that Yuhelpedhimself to the usage of the clinic when Sensei was out.

A battle rages in Yu as he does not want to play the doctor role any more and the Doctor who wants him to.




2 chapters out thus far and it’s full of angst of  a man who can’t find it within himself to be forgiven, calls himself a murdered and yet, in a situation, will uphold his Hippocratic oath of being a doctor.

No fluff,  this way.  Definitely serious reading and I’m liking it.  I want to see how far will this man’s [Yu] life run before he embraces redemption.  Will he find salvation helping out in Dr. Minatono’s clinic or will something bad happens…  will he find the strength to save himself, or will someone else save him?

Those two chapters makes me want more.  It’s a read that I can curl up in an armchair with a good cup of coffee and be content reading the story from start to finish in one setting.

The art is nice and visual and thus far it has potential.  I recommend it.  Want to see more chapters soon!

Okay, now on to the next. 😉

Laters! wlEmoticon-justkidding



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