M-Review: Mairunovich


Shoujo, School Life, Comedy, Romance

Mangaka:  SATO Zakuri
Year:  2010
Original Publisher:  Shueisha
Serialized In:  Margaret
Volumes:  10 volumes – Ongoing

Kinoshita Mairu has a cute name and she’s apologetic for it, because she’s ugly. In fact, she’s apologetic for her very existence because she’s not cute. Classmates call her “Poison Mushroom” behind her back and even her own brother treats her with disdain. However, all of that is about to change with the help of her transvestite mentor/neighbor, Fuwari-chan, and the “school king,” Kumada Tenyuu!

CAG Impressions:

Mmmmm… I don’t know yet.  For right now, I’m on the “iffy” side with this read.

The female protagonist of this story, Mairu Kinoshita-chan doesn’t have a high opinion of herself. She calls herself ugly and immediately afterwards apologize for it.  Being ugly that is.  She wears glasses, bangs that covers her eyes and walks with her head down, and her shoulders hunched upwards.  Classmates at her school, calls her the “Poison Mushroom.”  To make matters worse, she has a masochistic brother that treats her quite badly and acts as if she’s his servant!  Her parents moved to take care of her grandmother because she has a bad leg, and the brother went wild with treating her oh so bad.

Kinoshita, has only one friend, Koutsugi Fuwari-chan that adores her and tries to make Kinoshita change her appearance.  Fuwari told her that she had to be mindful that love could come her way and Kinoshita laughed as if it was the funniest thing in the world.  Why?  Because she’s ugly and who would wanna be with someone as ugly as she…

One day while sweeping the leaves in the school yard, she noticed this hot guy sitting on the entrance’s steps staring at her as she swept up the leaves.  The guy, Kumada Tenyuu continued to stare at her and Kinoshita wondered if it was the beginnings of love that Fuwa-chan had told her about.  Not believing something like could be true, she whacks herself on the head with the broom and falls to the ground telling herself she was stoopid for thinking something like that!  Then the thought occurred… Kumada-kun was seeing her as a giant Toadstood.  [Ha!]  While she’s having these negative thoughts about herself Kumada came up to her and said the leaves she was sweeping was flying away. Kinoshita apologized profusely because she had to be spoken to by him.  He wanted to know why she was apologizing and she repliedI am ugly after all.

A friend of Kumada called him and she excused herself and ran off not believing that she has just spoken to one of the hottest guys in school.  When she thought about it more, she realized that he was lookingdirectly at her without a ‘disgusted’ look on his face.  Later, at her locker, Mairu was looking in her shoe locker when she came upon a note from someone named Ikeda[boy] from class 1-C asking her to meet afterschool behind the gym.  Peeking at him from a corner of the building, she wondered what he wanted with her.  Ikeda-kun confessed that he wanted to go out with her, and she mistook it that he

wanted aguaranteedOrgan Donorfor the future…

Ikeda continued to flatter her by saying that she earnestly does the work others wouldn’t do and he thought that was great.  Thinking he was a nice person, Mairu stated they should start as friends.  He wanted to exchange cellphone numbers and due to the fact he wasn’t getting a good signal, he asked Mairu to walk over where he was at.

And then…

Poor Mairu fell into a deep hole.  All of Ikeda’s friends appeared and he exclaimed that hegot the Toadstool to fall into the hole.  Because he did that, he won a bet between his friends and the prize was getting an Teriyaki Burger Deal.  Alas, Mairu felt she should have known… the confession was bogus.  Kumada heard the boys talking about what they did as they walked by him.  Climbing out of the hole, Mairu felt all boys were like her brother… hateful.  Her glasses had broken and she began to cry because she felt that there was nobody that could love somebody as ugly as she.

Why is it always me, what did I do to deserve this?  I didn’t asked to be ugly!  It’s not fair!

She cried while banging her fists on the ground.  Kumada came up behind her and said “Ugly is a poor excuse.”  Rather than complaining, she should try hard at making herself beautiful.  As he walked away, Mairu yelled that she did want to change.  Mairu found herself on Fuwari-chan’s doorstep asking her for a request.

The next day at school with a vow that her tormented days were over, a new changed Mairu walked through the corridor, leaving fellow students speechless!  It was time now for the NEW Mairu to have some fun of her own!  LOL

End of Chapter 1.

This read is scanlated by: Haru Hime.

It was okay.  Need to read more chapters.  If anyone is reading, let me know your thoughts on it.




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