M-Review: Nukoduke!

Comedy, Nekos, Slice of Life, Shounen

Year Published:  2012
Mangaka:  YUGI, Iro
Publisher: Hakusensha
Magazine(s) Published in:  Hana to Yume, Hana to Yume Online
Volumes:  2 – Ongoing
Licensed in US:  No


Yuuya walking home one evening stumbled across two lively cat-like creatures asking for someone to take them home.  The adventure of a easy-going guy and two little creatures begins…

CAG Impressions:

Every time I read these shorts, my blood sugar rises to the roof! 😀

Ahhhh… the most enjoyable few minutes (like 5 perhaps?) of my life where I get a dose of:

  • cuteness
  • comedy
  • a happy-happy-joy-joy feeling!

Nukoduke! will do that to ya.

yuuya Yuuya:  Young man that’s  easy-going, laid back really doesn’t take life too seriously and a freeter.


He stumbled upon two talking cat-like creatures sitting in a box asking for somebody to take them home.  Curious, he stops.  He’s never seen talking cat-like creatures before and stated he hasn’t.


They explained they wereHominidae, nicknamed “Nuko.”  Cats evolved to be more human like than cats.  Even though they may have evolved,


a cat is a cat… huh? ;P

The duo were when the pet shop they were residing at, closed due to bankruptcy.  They had homes before, but they was returned and once returned, their value goes down.

sasame Sasame:  Black male nuko; good nature, sense of responsibility, considerate .  Very lovable and cute!  She’s younger than Kei and can be child-like.

keiKei: Calico male nuko.  High strung and standoffish towards humans.  Sasame explained that Kei was once put in a bargain bin.


Has been that way since returned to the Pet Shop by his owners due to his coat of fur went down in value.  His persona makes you love his character even more because he’s somewhat self-righteous and yet, you get a sense that he’s a big softie!

Yuuya took them home with him because it started to rain and he lived alone anyway.


…and the life of a guy, two nukos begin.

Short M-Review; I know.  Well, that’s because the chapters are short — and I do mean short.  10 pages the most.  However, these are the most enjoyable pages you will read.

I enjoy this read.  I love cats but can’t have ’em because of allergies.  🙁  So any read that involves cats, I tend to gravitate to it.

I love reading comments fromhuman males!  LOL for a few minutes, their manhood gets taken away by the cuteness and afterwards they cry to get it back.  Ha!  If you like neko stories, I totally recommend reading.  I believe this read can easily be green-lit for anime.

This read is translated by: Kaito Zero.  Great job guys!!! Three thumbs up!

Okay, moving right along.

Laters! 😉



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