M-Review: Okitenemuru

Seinen, Supernatural

Year Published: N/A
Mangaka:  RENDA, Hitori
Original Publisher:  Futabasha
Magazine Serialized in:  Manga Action
Licensed in the US:  Yes – Crunchyroll


Kanata and his friend Tokiji are ordinary teenagers in modern Japan. Mysterious deaths have begun to occur in their city, where the victim’s head will transform into an animal face and explode. There are rumors about these strange incidents, but one day it happens at Kanata’s school. Kanata is caught up in the incident and gains the special ability to “remove his limiter”. This allows him to greatly enhance a single ability of his, but after he uses it, another ability will go out of control. He encounters a mysterious, beautiful woman in a black skin-tight combat suit named Shiki.  She forces Kanata and Tokiji to become deeply involved in these incidents. Just what is going on? What mysterious organization is behind this!? A world-spanning conspiracy begins to unfold. — MangaUpdates

CAG Impressions:

Do not stare in amazement if you see a half-animal, half-human creature, being, otherwise(?) running down the street.


because you may find yourself…


being a meal for this creature/being/otherwise(?)!

LOL!  This is exactly how Okitenemuru began.  A human male transformed into half-Giraffe, half-Human running amok in an arcade center of a shopping street and biting people’s heads off.   Running out the center, a Police Officer asked it to stop, and that poor policeman got wacked in the head with brute force.  It stopped in its tracks when it saw riot people with weapons drawn.  To me, it seemed as if it was confused as it stood there still chomping on its last victim’s head, when all of a sudden a woman clad in a skin-tight outfit and helmet crashes from the ceiling landing on the Giraffe/Human creature/being/otherwise(?) and stabs it in the neck. Struggling, it flips her off and crashes to the ground.  Next thing, the Giraffe’s head starts to bubble and the helmet wearing female (later known as Shiki) yells for everyone to retreat and the Giraffe’s head explodes with a big bang and what was left of it, was sizzling.


After reading the first 4 chapters…

… mmm… I don’t know.  I have to read more chapters, because after reading the first four, it’s still not clear of the how, and the what.

While the male lead characters are introduced, Tokiji and Kanata, it’s still not clear to me what exactly do they have to do with the situation of a possible parasite that jumps from one host (human) to another. I do know that Kanata has an ability (via sticking his finger in his ear) that allows him to see from distance, it’s not clear what Tokiji’s ability is.

Thus far, three incidents has happened and there’s a special task force – External Information Investigation Department (“EIID”) is called in every time a person becomes infected with this crazy disease(?).   States the infection or contagion is not spread through air; it’s a communicable disease.  Shiki, the female agent that jumped on Giraffe Man is one of the main leads in the department.  On the forceful side, she will take you down in a minute of a heartbeat.

Well, Kanata’s ability got him into a heap of trouble, because it was exposed when he used it at school after the latest incident happened where a girl turned into a half snake/half human and ewwww!!!  Don’t like snakes!  He had EIID suspicious because of him using his ability, and when they were in school and all students had to go through testing to see if they are infected and Kanata’s curiosity got the best of him and he was spying on some EIID officers on ground level of the school and he had a side effect… the more he uses his ability, the more others come out.  At the end of chapter 4, he was under interrogation.

I do think that it’s an interesting read.  C’mon… a human getting transformed into half something, half human?  Good enough to read just from that factor.


Okitenemure is licensed by Crunchyroll, whom is in a partnership withKodanshafor digitally distributing manga onCrunchyroll.com, I think those 4 chapters will be the only ones that I’ll read.  I think it’s a great idea that Crunchyroll has this deal with Kodansha, but it’s still in the “diaper stage” and the reading selection is not that great yet.  Meaning, they don’t have enough reads for me to pay for a Manga premium (yes, you will have pay for it) subscription.

 I think this read has potential.  I would definitely pick it up when (yes, I do believe I would support Crunchyroll when they have enough titles under their belt) more chapters come out, therefore I recommend reading Okitenemuru.

So, give those chapters a read and let me know what are your thoughts.

On to a new post.

Laters!  😉




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