M-Review: Once Again


Drama, Tragedy

Type:  Manhua
Year:  2012
Manhwa-ka:  FENG XI Shen Lei
Author:  BUDDY
Original Publisher:  Taiwan Kadokawa
Volume(s):1 – Complete
Licensed in US: No


Meet Yuan Ge, an ‘established’  up and coming Director of an Advertising Firm.  Rumored to probably become the youngest General Manager the Firm ever had.  Stern, discipline, seem to have it all; until one day during a meeting he was informed that his wife has passed away.  Instead of being shocked or saddened, he states “continue…” Over a course of one month, Yuan Ge becomes curious about a plain-looking high school  girl he sees on the train on his way to work.  Who is this girl and what impact will she have on Yuan Ge?

 My Impressions:

This was a fascinating read!

Although it was tragic and sad, “Once Again,” was powerful where it shows how one loses sight of the original plan and becomes blinded by ambition.

What got me was the first page when an office worker bursts in on a meeting yelling to the man giving the meeting that the hospital called and his wife has passed.  His response?

“continue the meeting…”

And I was like…


I had to read more from that point.

Yuan Ge, married his childhood sweetheart Miao Miao.  A rather plain-looking girl, but he loved her nonetheless.  Upon entering the job market after college, he placed a silver band on her finger and promised that after working hard, he will replace it and will give her whatever her heart desired.   Over the years, Yuan Ge really worked hard.  Long hours at the office, being the driving force on his team, he soon forgets the one thing that was important – his wife.  Words of affection were replaced with cruel ones.  “Quit your job and just concentrate on being on the good side of my Boss’s wife; I don’t plan on having children for the next ten years; don’t need any complications right now; don’t call me; don’t disturb me; you breaking my concentration…”

Felt so bad for the wife as I continue the read.

The two become strangers in their own home.  After her passing, Yuan Ge tried to justify that the two were total strangers living under the same roof – not verbally communicating, sleeping in different bedroom, just two strangers sharing the same living space. He forgotten the sound of her voice.  Stoic and cold, he continues on as if the death of Miao Miao did not affect him at all.  Yuan Ge was very judgmental to the people in his workplace as well as people he stared out on the train, outside, etc.  He would not see their faces, only what he perceives to be their personal.  (Scary!)

and then things started to change…

One day on the train, a plain ordinary looking high school with mix-match socks catches his attention.  If he looked away for a second and turn back to the girl’s direction, she would be gone.   Even though he tried to dismissed it, there was something about that girl he could not forget and had anticipation on seeing on the next train ride.

The more he saw of this high school girl, the more intrigued he became to the point where he even went to see a Psychiatrist to make sure he did not have pedophile tendencies.  Something was beginning to unravel in Yuan Ge and it was showing in his work.  He was driving his staff too hard, he buried himself whole bodily into his work; his boss asked if Yuan Ge came back to work too soon.  But, he explained it all away that he was fine and all had to be productive in their work.

The girl caused him to reflect back on how he met his wife and their lives transitioning from high school, to college students, job hunting and then marriage.  One fateful day their eyes met and she smiles at him before running off the train.  Yuan Ge takes off after her and he found himself in front of their old high school and he walks to the track field,  and then the floodgates open and all the memories of Miao Miao opened up.  He remembered everything up to the last note she left him stating she was going to check herself into the hospital.

Grief overwhelms him as he drops to his knees and cry.  He wonders what had he been working for all these years.  He kept asking for another chance, that if he had itonce again, things would be different.  Miao Miao’ spirit appears before him and he confesses how much he had loved her to give him another chance.  She flicks him on the forehead and called him silly.  With that, she was gone.

End of series.  This awesome read was brought to you byEasyScans.  Great work guys!  🙂

Chp. 1 Images


You had to admire Miao Miao patience.  She quits her job and even transform herself for the sake of her husband.  Being the dutiful wife, she tries her best not to annoy or disturb him.  Did everything she could for him and even when she got sick and was dying, she still believed in him and loved him.

If you’re someone that doesn’t like sad endings or sad reads, then this read is not for you because the only happy highlights are that of the memories of when they were young and happy before they became adults and all the promises were forgotten about.

That’s it in a nutshell.






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