M-Review: Suashi no Meteorite

Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Shounen

Mangaka:KONISHI Mikihisa
Original Publisher:Mag Garden
Serialized In:Comic Blade
Volumes:2, Ongoing

*Not Licensed in US

CAG Impressions:


Ariyuki-kun sat up one night waiting for a meteor shower that was to take place. He said if he saw ashooting star, he would wish upon it. And of course, one went whizzing by and he made his wish:

He wished for a girlfriend, good marks on the next test, finding a 10,000 Yen bill on the ground… and to win the lottery.

Well, it didn’t happen that way. Because the next morning, Ariyuki got “pimp-slapped,” slipped on a banana peel and got the worst grades on his test! To make matters worse, upon returning home his house was gone. Completely not there. No really, it was an empty lot with a block of broken floor boards. (Should I stop now?) The poor boy found it hard to believe. He thought he was imagining the whole thing and thus, he hits his head on the gate.


Yep, I think it would’ve been painful too!

Anyhoo, he reasoned with himself that he needed to calm down. He began to theorize how his house went missing. It could’ve been: (1) defect within the house itself (2) an Earthquake (3) his Older sister was authorize to construct buildings [huh?] and (4) a big shock wave. That’s when he noticed a huge hold in the ground. Climbing down in the hole, he thought it could’ve have been a gas explosion or a plane crash until he picked up a shard of a meteorite. That’s it… the reason why his house was gone was because a meteorite destroyed it!

The shard he had in his hand glowed and transformed into a girl, whom thanked him for summoning her and – calling Ariyuki her vessel and if he had any wishes.

Time out…

What makes this read even more funnier, is the caricature facial and body expressions!

funny face

Nothing seem right with him or the world anymore. The girl felt it was time for introductions. Her name was Darumiru and she was a God. She was there to grant his wish. No longer able to withstand anymore, he got on the phone and called his friend Kameji-kun. He told him it was a state of an emergency and he needed to come over. Kameji stated he was doing something and he would come over as soon as he was done. Darumiru-chan told Ariyuki since she’s appeared and he haven’t been able to gather wits about himself, she said she would call Kameji for him. The shard floated above her hand and ~poof!~ Kameji appeared, butnot in the way anyone would’ve wanted him to!Kameji was sitting on the throne [toilet] reading a weekly mag.


Why does Ariyuki look like he has a nosebleed?

The three went to the school’s Earth Society Club room to try and make sense of it all. While Ariyuki talked with a cactus plant, Kameji had a chat with Darumiru whom was eating an ice cream pop. The conversation came to the summarization that because People had been calling out to God for thousands of years, Darumiru is the manifestation of it. Ariyuki still found it troublesome to believe. He thinks that Darumiru is probably an alien instead of a God. Kameji wanted to prove to she was a god, and his way of proving it was lifting up her her sweater dress. (Like couldn’t ya find a better way than that?!) Ariyuki called him a Lolicon and gave him a blow to the face and told Kameji to be serious. Kameji defense was that Aliens have different bodies than humans. Darumiru had the appearance of a human and even herunderwearappear normal. [Kameji is a pantsu kind of guy?! Ha!] Ariyuki added his two cents by saying all of what was happening could be a hallucination. Seeing that the conversation was just going around in circles and they were not getting nowhere Kameji asked him if he wanted to continue.

Ariyuki exploded. He is having the worst time believing anything. That, only stuff like what he was experiencing only happen in Anime. Darumiru gave him a swift kick to the chin. She chastised him by saying that Kameji had racked his brains to come up with a solution for his sake. Ariyuki felt bad and apologize. Now that all was calm, Darumiru told them they should celebrate with a feast, and it rains ice cream pops! So much so that the room was flooded! Going back home, she asked was he still troubled. He stated he didn’t doubt her anymore. The things he had witnessed was from out of this world. Ariyuki grabs his stomach because he was in pain. Darumiru told him it was a“Recoil.”She can only use her power through her vessel (which is him) and if she use it too much, the vessel suffer. It seems the recoil has come out as some kind of laxative. [Ew!] She said when his stomach calms down, she would fix it. She can grant all of his wishes and he wants to know if she could fix his house. She told him she could. Also, he wants to wind the lottery and ace all of his tests. She asked if he had anymore wishes. He said he did and the wish was

Can she make it so that it was like she had never came to begin with.

That wish took Darumiru by surprised. He goes on to tell her that he was happy with his simple normal life. He wants to be able to make wishes to God without having them granted. He believes that she’s a God, but can’t accept it. Darumiru began to cry. She said she was a bit conceited because she decided that humans would definitely wish for her, and Ariyuki have done so and she had become a bother. He shouldn’t worry because his will be granted; however, it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. She points to a ring that have formed and it seemed it had peered inside of Ariyuki. Darumiru explained that it was a dimensional interference and it was interfering with his consciousness and it was materializing!


Darumiru started to tell Ariyuki what the thing was when it attack [My guess, A godkiller?]. He thought it was attacking him, when she said it was not after him, buther.She told him to run and not look back. He’ll find the normal days he wanted. Running away, he apologized. He was going back to his normal days like he wanted. He had nothing to do with them. Immediately he stopped and ran back towards Darumiru. Just as she was about to receive a blow, Ariyuki intercepted it. He told her the wish he had said earlier, he thought it was a good idea for the both of them. But, if she didn’t like it, it was no good. Besides, his house had disappeared and if she didn’t fix it, he would be in trouble. The thing attacked again and Ariyuki got them out of the way. He thought he was going to die and then thoughtwhat would happen if this was Anime?He asked Darumiru is she have a special move or something like a super beam or Fist of the North Star or Giant Crusher. With her help, they both made the special move calledDamn It. Of course it’s a fluke name.  From using her power, the recoil activated sending Ariyuki to the ground wrenching in pain. He asked her to help him and she returned them to his now-gone house and he’s sitting on the toilet. She said she thought he would be comfortable being at his own home, so he should take a big dump as he wants! He yells that the house was gone and he didn’t have any privacy. Darumiru replied that he needed to be look after and even though it wasn’t that bad of a side effect, she would help him out a bit. By helping,

flying kick

Ariyuki decided that he would not make any more wishes to God. Meanwhile, Kameji was researching the situation. He found out if God leaves Heaven, the world itself would cease to exist. If that was the law of heaven, no matter which way the world turns, what will God give the people and what will she take away?

End of Chapter 1 [What a Nice Day]. Whew! It was 72 pages long. Love the long chapters. LOL

Between the laughter, the giggling and the reading enjoyment, I have a ball getting through this chapter. It made me want more! A cohesive storyline, great drawing, at times super funny facial expressions. TOTALLY recommend this read. This read is brought to you by Riceballicious and you can read the chapters online atBatoto.

I’m really getting a kick out of this read!

I look forward to reading more chapters.

Okay, moving right along.






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