MaNgA rEvIeW: Blue


Drama, Slice of Life, Shoujo, Romance

Mangaka:CHIBA Kozue
Original Publisher:Shogakukan
Serialized in:Sho-Comi
Volumes:5, Ongoing – 7 Chapters scanlated

*Not licensed in US

After three years Mimi comes back to the island where she had spent her childhood. She is greeted by her childhood friends Yousuke, Sumire and Hikari. Heartbroken in Tokyo, she has now came back to the beautiful island surrounded by the deep blue sea.

But among this four friends, friendship soon turns to love…!? A blue world spreads before your eyes, an unforgettable story begins.  [JShoujo Scans]

CAG Impressions

Besides being all shoujo-ish, it has drama and a cohesive storyline [thus far] that makes this a good read.

Mimi grew up on an island surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and 3 friends Yousuke, Sumire and Hikari.  During her second year in Middle school, her father was transferred to Tokyo and the family left the peaceful life of the island behind.  3 years later, Mimi returns to the Island, back to the place she had left her friends behind.  However, she didn’t come back because she missed living on the island or missed her friends… she came back for another reason.

From Left to right:  Yousuke, Sumire, Hikari

Mimi thought about telling a lie that the reason why she came back to the island was because she felt like it.  After talking with her friends and them showing her support, she simply just told them that her heart got broke, she kinda lost it and she couldn’t go to school anymore.

The one that egged her to tell them why she came back was Hikari.  He thought if she would share her burden with them, then he would be able to take it on for her.  [See the Shoujo Factor coming?] An eager Hikari stated in order to cheer Mimi up, they would do some of their summer customs.  One of them is finding a blue kitty with a bell tied to it’s tail (an Island Legend) that brought happiness.  Searching for the fabled kitty, Mimi walked by some bushes and Yousuke yelled for her to watch out because snakes could be in one when all of a sudden, one came out of nowhere and bit her on the shoulder.  Hikari jumps into “Hero” mode, rips a part of her shirt and sucked some of the poison out.  Next, he picked her up in his arms and rushes her to the hospital, leaving behind Yousuke and Sumire.

Yousuke commented that there weren’t any snakes on the island that wasthatpoisonous for Hikari to act the way he did.  Sumire looked sad and stated that Hikari haven’t changed from back then; he would become too involved when it came to Mimi.   At the hospital, the nurse commented that Mimi had such a good boyfriend for rushing her to the hospital for the snake bite.  Mimi remembered that when it came to her, Hikari always desperately involved himself; it was something she had notice for a long time.  Walking back, she noticed he’s not the little boy of before — he has grown.  They heard a jingle and the blue kitty walked pass them and went into some bushes.  Both were astonished and surprised.  Hikari became really excited and proclaimed they weregoing to be happy.The excitement died down a bit when he realized that Mimi wasn’t excited as he was.  In the moment, Hikari said

andMimi slapped the crap out of him afterwards…

She turns to run away and her cellphone dropped out of her pocket.  Hikari said to himself that Mimi dropped her phone.  He saw a screenshot of Mimi and a male.  Mimi rushed back and snatched up her phone.  [Probably was hoping that he didn’t see the cell screen.] But it was already too late.  He stated was that her ex-boyfriend on the screen and if it was, he seemed much older.  The relationship was something that Mimi wanted to keep secret, and she definitely did not want Hikari to know about.  The reason why she ‘truly’ came back:

End of Chapter 1.

Interesting.  I’ll read some more chapters before I call it.  (Ya know me… if it get too shoujo-ish, drop!).   For all the Shoujo Fans out in there, I recommend this read.  Seems like there’s going to be some fireworks, angst, tears and a whole bunch of shoujo madness!  This read is scanlated by JShoujo Scans.

Okay, I’m did my quota… I’ve banged outthree Shoujo Reviews!Yay!

Now off to watch some anime.  Have to watch the last episode ofAno Hana.






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