MaNgA rEvIeW: Coin Laundry no Onna

Comedy, Supernatural, Slice of Life

Mangaka:  KIYOHARA Hiro
Year:  2005
Original Publisher:  Kadokawa
Serialized in:  Beans Ace, Shonen Ace
Volumes:  1 Volume – complete

Not licensed in US


Some random gag stories happening around a woman living inside the washer in the coin laundry. Why does she like to live there?  [MangaUpdates]

CAG Impressions:

Funny!  😛  After reading the chapters, I think for now on, I’m going to save my money and go to Sears and buy me my own washing machine and dryer!  LOL

I don’t know what may me pick up this read…so glad I did!  Funny; will definitely get a laugh or two out of ya.  So… there’s this laundry mat that is located near a college and thus far, only college students that has started to live on their own go there.  Not because they want to:  (a)  the one that they frequent is currently going under renovations and (b) this particular one is close by.  Inside the laundry mat, its gloomy, somewhat dark, old-looking and a bit on the dirty side.

Victim #1:

Female college student… feels it’s a place that can go to moving forward.  Well, she didn’t think that way when she stumbled upon this scene:


Yep, there is a woman crawling out of the dryer stating that it was so hot…[ya think?!]  Ha!  Totally freaked the poor girl out.  She asked the Laundromat Woman why was she in the dryer and the woman replied that she would die; she would die if she goes out.  The college student is wishing she haven’t gotten involved.  The girl was then asked by the LW was she a college student, and she replied that she was.  LW had gone through the girl’s laundry and pulls out her bra and holds it up to her chest, sending the poor girl into a shrieking fit.  LW askedwas she really a college student and then points to her chest.  LM sent the girl running out of there a crying mess!  A week later, college girl come back again.  She had no choice; her dirty clothes piled up.  She put her clothes into a machine when a hand grabs her arm.  It’s LW this time in the washer with all of the girl’s clothes on her.  LM told her she was definitely an“A”and college girl slams the lid on her!  LOL

Victim #2

College guy… go to the same laundry mat that’s under renovations, see this little laundry mat and decided that this will be a place he will go to for now on too.  He feels that it’s an old dirty place… he gets the shock of his life when LW creeps out of the dryer.  He screams and she throws a box of soap powder at him and then told him he was being noisy.


He tried to pay her no mind but is curious as to why she was in the dryer and he asked. He was curious.  LW shot him an angry glance.  LW told him a story of how the laundry mat was first built, there was a couple that brought a bundle of clothes in — except that it was actually a baby, and they abandoned the baby in the laundry mat.  She claimed that after the baby realized what had happen to it, it proclaimed itself to be “Lord of the Castle.  College guy had enough.  He made up an excuse that he had somewhere to be and tried to leave.  She asked if he was a Tsundere… she forewarn him not to stop his clothes washing halfway, because the washer that he was using was the very same machine that the baby was abandoned in.  He look at the lid and there was a face… yep, a face.  So he had no choice but to stay and endure the craziness of Laundromat Woman who pestered him if he had a girl he liked and what did he think of the newly “Moe” boom.

… if some creepy woman crawls out of a dryer, don’t pass “Go.”

These are two of the characters  [thus far]  that’s intertwined with Laundromat Woman.  The chapters areincredibly short, and it caused me to want more.  It’s not over the top hilarious.  Rather, it off-beat quirky humor.  Like I stated before; you’ll get a laugh or two out of it.  It has one of my genre attached to it: supernatural.  So I’ll continue with this read and also,I like it.  If you like off beat humor, this is a read for you.  With each chapter, a new character is introduced and Laundromat Woman is totally out there.  LOL

This read is brought to you byPanda Scans.

Okay then!  This review has come to an end.  😉




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