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Okay!!!  Had the coffee, feeling a bit jittery and on with the ‘double header’ manga review post.  Today’s reviews are based on:

Shoujo Factor:  Childhood Friends

Yes… today’s post is all about… Shoujo!

We’re friends and we shall be together, always and forever…

Childhood Friends:  The trio usually live next door to one another in an apartment complex, or next door neighbors or live on the same block.  The trio has known each other since diaper days and then on to grade school, middle school and high school  You see one, the other two are not far behind.

With the rarity of the friends being two girls and one boy, the denominating factor is this: two boys and the girl.  The trio see each other as friends… not as male, female.  They played together, always around each other, no other outside friends… all for one, one for all, untilthe shoujo factorkicks in and then the girl sees “pink” and the boys sees “blue.”  And the friendship changes forever.


One boy likes the girl, while she likes the other —  and he likes someone else… [well, that’s basically how it goes].

First up:

Shoujo, Drama, Romance, School Life


Mangaka:MITSUKI Kako
Original Publisher:Shogakukan
Serialized in:Betsucomi, Deluxe Betsucomi
Volumes:2, Complete – 2 Chapters scanlated

*Not licensed in US

Rei, Kazuma and Banri are close childhood friends. Rei, who’s better than any guy, the cool and smart Kazuma and Banri who’s mischievous and bright have the perfect balance. It’s normal for the three of them to be together all the time and without thinking of themselves as men and woman they’re just together. But something happens after which Rei starts to think of Banri as a “man”, so the relation of the three changes…?!  [Mangaupdates]

CAG Impressions:

Same mangaka forSora Log, so I think this will be a good read!

17-year-old Rei is having the time of her life with her two childhood friends, Kazuma and Banri.  She’s a happy-go-lucky gal because being with her two childhood friends, made her happy.  She has no other friends but the two boys.  Rei admiresKazumabecause he’s level-headed, smart and good at archery.  She hopes to be just like him one day.  On the other hand, she doesn’t understandBanri.  He’s a flirt, a babe-magnet and she doesn’t understand why he’s so popular. He’s a Temple’s son and will tell one ‘whimsical wisdom’ that suits his playful persona.

The story [thus far] is told from her point of view.  She’s never been in love, never had a boyfriend and it’s a time before they were to begin their summer vacation.  The trio was walking pass the baseball field, when all of a sudden the ball went crashing through a school window above them, loosening up the frame and sent the window pane and shattered glass to the ground.  Banri, jumps in front of her and Kazuma and shielded them from the flying glass.  In the accident, a shard cut his arm.  Pissed off, Banri shouted to the players that a girl [Rei] could’ve been wounded for life.  At that very moment, Rei

felt the color “Pink” inside.

She got theshoujoeyes, her heart wentba-thumpand she began to see Banri as the opposite sex, as well as Kazuma too.  At a summer festival, the trio were helping out at a stand selling beverages when Kazuma touched the side of her neck to brush part of her ponytail away and her heart wentba-thumpagain.  The trio were asked to participate in helping find lost kids.  Rei immediately volunteer their services.  The boys right away picked up on her strangeness.  Kazuma asked her if she was on her period.  [Ha!]  Rei cheerily played it off as if nothing was wrong and dragged the two along.  Fireworks began and Rei asked them if they go see them again the next year, the year after next and so on.

While watching the fireworks display, theShoujo Factorkicked in, and she lightly touches Banri’s arm, while Kazuma took notice of it.  He told them to stay where they were and he would go look in another area.  Rei became nervous being alone with Banri.  He made a comment that the Yukata she was wearing was nice.  He took her by the hand told her that they should turn the time they have together into a date.  She protested and told Banri they should be looking for lost kids.  He replied that Kazuma would do it.  With a smile on his face, he asked Rei,I was wondering if I hadn’t seduced you yet.The statement took Rei by surprise because the pink feeling was already making her think of Banri as a boy and a potential love interest.  However, he shot down the pinkness by telling Reishe wasn’t his preference[older and bigger boobs] and that she would be a good match for Kazuma.

Banri took her to the pier to show her the ships where the fireworks were being shot off.  As the two enjoyed the fireworks, Kazuma showed up angry that the two came to the pier together.  He wanted to go along with them.  Banri told him to he would make up for it, so he would take his leave to go look for lost children.  Rei was lost for words.  She sat still blushing.  Kazuma asked her what was wrong, and she replied that she thinks she’s fallen in love with Banri.  Meanwhile in the crowd, Banri spotted a lost boy.  He hoisted him on his shoulders and they went looking for his sister.  A female was rushing around, tripped and Banri caught her in his arm.  It was the little boy’s sister.  The chapter ended with Rei’s narration of how that Summer, she fell in love, and how everything would change was something she didn’t know yet.

I’m liking the story thus far.  Yes!!!  I admit it.  THUS FAR, I LIKE THIS READ.  Honestly, the character I’m liking the most isBanri (underdog).I’ll continue to read because I want to know how he will handle the situation when Rei confesses her feelings to him. And what will Kazuma do?You can tell that he’s in ‘like’ with Rei.  Will he stay quiet and be supportive of Rei and Banri’s relationship [if it does happen that way], or will he be the support system thatleads to being the boyfriendif Banri rejects her feelings.  Sooooooooooo Shoujo!  LOL  Totally recommend this read!  I really like the Mangaka’s work.

This read is scanlated by Chiba Manga.

Rating:8.5/10It’s off to a good start.


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