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Shoujo, Drama, School Life, Romance

Tonari no Koi ga Taki

Mangaka:SHIRAISHI Yuki
Original Publisher:Shogakukan
Serialized in:Sho-Comi
Volumes:2, Complete – 2  Chapters scanlated

*Not licensed in US

Hiro-kun and Icchan are both very important childhood friends to Akane. She thought they would always and forever be good friends, but…  [Intercross]

CAG Impressions:

Let the “Angst” waterfall begin!

Tonari no Koi ga Taki thus far, is a bit different from  Dear!  In this read [thus far], the female lead protagonistis not looking at her friends via Shoujo eyes.She wished to remainjust friends.

Akane met her friends at the age of five when she moved into the same apartment complex with her mother.  The trio have been together since that time.  It’s always just the three of them.  Hiro has a happy-go-lucky persona whom doesn’t have a preference in girls; he likes ‘em all and Ichiya, to get out of a confession from a girl will say that he’s not interested in them.  Akane never been friends with other females due to the fact she’s always with the attractive and popular Hiro and Ichiya.  She wants to know what it feels like to have a female friend.

The trio learned they have made it into the same high school together and the boys are really happy about it.  On their way home one day, Akane notices some star earrings in a window display and stated she had wanted them.  One small problem though – her ears aren’t pierced.  One of the boys stated they should buy the earrings for her birthday.  Akane replied she would pass on it because fate probably doesn’t want her to pierce her ears.

The school term has started and Hiro and Ichiya are in the same class and Akane is in a different class. While changing classrooms one day, a girl roughly bumps into Akane.  Even though she apologized for it, she told another classmate it was because Akane monopolized Hiro and Ichiya’s time.  Another classmate Sao-chan asked Akane was she okay and then stated that she wanted to become friends with her.  Akane was elated… she had made her first female friend.

Later that night, the boys barged into Akane’s room and wanted to know why she left school without them.  She replied that she left with a friend.  They were relieved that she didn’t leave by herself.  Ichiya told her not to leave without them again.  Hiro chimed in and sayespecially not the 14th.This is Akane’s birthday.

In gym, while the boys played basketball, Sao asked Akane did she get lonely from always being around the boys.  She stated that it did get lonely at times.  The fact that they were popular, she didn’t want to be apart from them.  Akane mentioned that the trio were going to the city to go shopping and Sao said she was planning to go too, so they should go together.  After school, Akane went to Hiro and Ichiya’s class to picked them up, and was told they had already left.  Angry, she went back to her own class to get Sao when she overheard Sao talking to other classmates how she couldn’t wait to go out with Hiro and Ichiya.  One girl told her if it wasn’t for Akane, it wouldn’t have happened.  Sao replied she didn’t care.  Akane enters the classroom surprising Sao – whom knew Akane had heard the conversation.  She told her that it was a joke and pleaded that Akane not tell the boys about it.  Disappointed and disheartened, Akane said she wouldn’t.  However, Hiro and Ichiya appeared behind Akane and told Sao they had overheard the conversation as well.  Ichiya told Sao that they didn’t care about someone like her.  Sao was shocked.  She told Ichiya that he was mean for saying something like and he was disgusting.  Akane told her to stop saying mean things to her friend.

Leaving the school grounds, the boys gave Akane the star earrings for her birthday.  That night, Akane tried to pierce her own ears but was too afraid to do it.  She was about to go over to Hiro’s apartment and have him do it, when soon as she opened the front door, Ichiya was standing there.  She told him she was going over to Hiro’s to have him pierce her ears when he suddenly grabbed her and pulls her back inside and told her he would do it himself.  Holding her gently to his chest, Akane’s heart wentba-thumpand she didn’t understand why.  He told her there’s nothing to be afraid of.  Akane questioned was that the reason why her heart wentba-thump.  Ichiya said fate has been changed.  She thanked him and Ichiya asked her…

Who do you like?  Between Hiro and Me, who do you like?

This took Akane by surprised, and she couldn’t look Ichiya in the face.  She replied that she always like the both of them.  Ichiya saidno one likes people equally.Ichiya embraces her and said for them to stop being childhood friends and to love him only.

End of Chapter 1.

Well, no pink feelings in this chapter, but there definitely some blue feelings!  I liked this chapter because unlike the girl falling for one of the childhood friends, it was the opposite. And it’s a strong like!  There are some twists and turns to this read.  Will Akane return feelings for Ichiya?  Will he back down or continue to interject his feelings on Akane, and what about Hiro?  What feelings does he have for/towards Akane.  Ahhhh… let the Angst waterfall flow! I will continue to with this read.  Give it a first lookie and let’s share thoughts on it.  K?

This read is scanlated by Intercross.

Rating:  8.5/10.

And this concludes this double header.  There are other childhood friends reads out there and I’m sure that I’ll make my way towards them.

That’s it in a nutshell.



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