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Action,Mature Content, Seinen, Romance

Original Publisher:Shinchosha
Serialized in:Comic Bunch
Volumes:0 – Ongoing, 2 chps scanlated

Benriya Co.; a company made up of two men… need garbage removal, call on Benriya Co.  Need to get rid of someone, call on Benriya Co.  The two men crew will get rid of your problems for you!  Just call (212) 555-5512 and all your problems will be eliminated for ya! 😛


Benriya Co is a gangster crew for hire.  As long as the money is good, they will take on any jobs you request of them.

CAG Impressions:

Turn up the monitor resolution, grab the bowl of popcorn and get your read on with this super edgymaturereading!  😀

When I read the first chapter, I have to admit… I WAS ALL OVER IT!  LOL  Gangsta is pureRated Rreading and it’s good!  This read has a diamond-in-the-raw quality to it that I like when reading the “mature genre.”  By raw, I meanbeing true to the story one is trying to convey, 100%and doesn’t fall to the waistside… from beginning to that last page, the story has remained consistent, unapologetic if need be and I the reader, is left feeling full that the mangaka/author put forth the work he/she intended to from the conception to paper.

I can be a real snob when it comes to mature content and I don’t/won’t make any apologies for it!   Hey, I like what I like and that’s that.

Two men, Warrick and Nicolas are two gangsters that’s for hire.  They will take on any job request — as long as the money is right and if there’s any valuables on the targets, it’s free for the taking.

For some reason, these two remind me of Heine and Badou [Dogs, Bullets & Carnage].

Laid-back, charismatic and cold stone killers, these two make up the group calledBenriya Co.

Benriya:utility man; expressman; jack-of-all-trades.[definition]

Nicolas:Stoic and calculating — and deaf.  Communications with Nicolas is via sign language.  However, be careful if there is something that you do not want him to know… he can read lips no matter the distance.  I like how in the manga when it’s his dialogue, the bubbles are a different color.  Nicolas is such the killer that would be right on top you before you notice and when you do, you’re dead!

Warrick:The charismatic guy of the duo.  Loves his money as much as he love women!  A cold killer in his own rite, but Warrick’s character is enjoyable because he gives off this happy-go-lucky persona thus far.

The two together is one dynamic duo.

The World of Benriya:

Gangs, hoodlums, prostitutes, cops.. it’s full of villains everywhere you look.

This is the world Warrick and Nicolas lives in.  A [unknown, no location] town that’s full of brick and mortar and back alleyways.  Every which way you turn, there is some kind of activity going on.  The first chapter opens to Nicolas and Warrick hired out by anObā-san(Grandma Joel) whom did not want any undesirables hanging around her establishment.  In doing so, a prostitute named Alex came out of the alley way with a bloody.  Oba-san yells at her from doing what she does near her establishment.  Alex looks tired and worn out.  Warrick is taken by her appearance immediately.  She is a prostitute by a thud [Barry Abbott] whose operations have overstep their boundaries into other turfs pissing off the bosses that reigned in them.  As she walked down some stone steps, one of them threw a handkerchief down on her.

Benriya will hire themselves out to anybody and the Police are not exception.

After leaving the elder woman, they went to see Inpector Chado and his partner Cody.  Inspector Chado hires out Benriya for their “extermination” services.  The request this time was the extermination of Barry Abbott and his organization. Everyoneis to be eliminated.  No exceptions.  Chado-san show Warrick the pictures of their target Alex’s picture was in the pile.  He questioned Chado whether he would protect her.  Chado dismissed it.  He claimed she was one of the many prostitutes out in the street.  Warrick stated it would be impossible for him to kill a woman and Chado replied that he should give up the job if he couldn’t do it.  Warrick wanted the money and he was not going to let the job slip out of their hands.

Nicolas taps his fingers on the roof of the police car to get Chado’s attention and told him [in sign language] could they keep anything they wanted as loot.  Chado told them it was okay as long as it wasn’t something that could connect it to the bodies.  Benriya stated they would take care of the clean up and off they went.  Cody was a leery of Nicolas’s silence.  Chado warned him to watch out for Nicolas; his eyes made up for his ears, and if he didn’t cover his mouth in a secret talk, Nicolas could understand everything.

Alex ran into Warrick after taking care of a customer in an alley.  Sitting on some steps, she apologize for getting the handkerchief dirty.  He replied it wasn’t his; it was Nicolas.  She told him to tell Nicolas “thank you” in sign language.  It was something she stated she learned from watching Warrick.  She quietly told him to leave because if Barry saw them together, he would be mad.  Warrick apologized to her and stated “Barry won’t ever come back.”

So… his job was to take care of Alex and he didn’t.  He went off to meet up with Nicolas.

Barry and his crew were walking, when they were attacked by Nicolas.  Because he’s deaf, Warrick snuck up behind him and open fire on Barry’s crew, pissing off Nicolas!  Warrick claimed Nicolas stole his thunder and he should have waited for him to come back.  Nicolas questioned if he killed Alex, knowing that he couldn’t do it.  Warrick told him that Alex thanked him for the handkerchief.  They finished off ‘exterminating’ Barry and the rest of his men when Alex ran up to them as they were disposing the bodies in a corner.  Warrick thought she would’ve run off since he told her that Barry wasn’t coming back.  Stooping over Barry’s dead body, Alex grabs a gun that was near and fired shots into the corpse while crying as Benriya watched her.

Nicolas told Warrick that there would be no second chances, and he offered to “off” Alex for him.  He didn’t want any unnecessary troubles.  Warrick said his named and Nicolas replied that he’ll make an exception for him and then call him a fool.  [LOL]  This made Warrick happy.  The two along with Alex reported back to Inspector Chado and Cody whom was shocked to see Alex.  He yelled that she was supposed to have been killed off too.  Nicolas told him that they were there to collect their money.

Chado exclaimed that she was Barry’s woman and she had prostituted herself off in other territories (turfs).  Warrick replied that she was their “Loot” and wasn’t it alright to claim any loot in the name of Benriya.  Chado shouted to the top of his lungs that it was unacceptable and it was something the clients would not miss, when all of a sudden he felt sharp win against the side of his face.  Nicolas sent a flying a flying kick!


He told Chado that they (him and Cody) had taken good care of Benriya, but they need to remember that Benriya,WAS NOT THEIR LACKEYS,and it would be a problem if he got it confused.  If Chado couldn’t grant their selfish requests once in a while, he couldn’t guarantee his kick wouldn’t crack open his head the next time.  Chado relented.  Cody was stunned and shocked that Nicolas spoke.  He wanted him to speak again, when Nic spoke in sign language and Chado interpreted “It’s too to tiring, so I won’t.”  [Funny!]

Sitting on the steps in front of their office building, Alex held the handkerchief and smiled.  She looked brighter and more healthier.  Nicolas looked down at her from the window and she spoke to him in sign language and he immediately turn away.  Warrick came to window and asked her to tend to the phones.  He was  going out for a while and it was something Nicolas couldn’t do it.  And that my friends is the end of Chapter 1.

I enjoyed this read.  Only two chapters are out thus far, and I’m patiently waiting for the next!  This is one ofEasyGoing Scansprojects.  🙂  Totally recommend this read!

And moving on.

Laters! 😉





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