M-Review: Hitogatana


Action, Sci-Fi, Shounen

Original Publisher:Mag Garden
Serialized in:Comic Blade
Volumes:4 (Ongoing),

*Not licensed in US

Crimes committed using manned combat-androids dubbed “Katana” run rampant.  In an effort to maintain order, the government has organized the AKCD – “Anti Katana Crime Division.”

Togusa of the 8th squad of the AKCD, while holding existential doubts as a Human-Katana hybrid, continually casts himself into battle…  [Mangaupdates]

CAG Impressions:

So… you have these androids that can be commanded by transferring one’s soul into it; now in your big toy,  you can commit crimes on a large scale and gloat that the masses are terrified of you… that is to say until you find yourself hunted down by other androids that brings justice to your mischief and kick your arses!  Machines+Humans=Action that equates to a good read! :mrgreen:

 Hitogatana has all the elements of making one good action packed live action series or movie. I guess it could be made into anime, but as I continued to read some of the chapters, the movie reel in my head kept producing a live action version of the manga. LOL   Living inside one’s head can be awesome sometimes.Hitogatana brings on the sci-fi action in a way that makes this manga enjoyable to read.


TheKatanaare androids that were initially built medical purposes and construction.  As time progressed, the units were fitted with weaponry and used for combat.    The transferal of one’s soul into one of these machines gave the user (the Operator) the ability use the Katana as if it was their own body.  There are two crucial operators behind a Katana:  TheKenshi and the Swordsmith.The Kenshi, a swordsman or sword-user is the operator that has his/her soul transfer into the Katana.  The Swordsmith takes care of the maintenance of the Katana and all reports.  [Kinda like a squad leader.]  While crime is steady on the rise, more Katana are being outfitted for the ACKD, but… there’s not enough trained Kenshi and Swordsmith for these units.

This paved the way for robberies, crimes and a Anti-Katana Division had to be formed.  The story centers around one squad of the AKCD – the8th Squad,a lively, risk-taking, lazy at times squad.


010Togusa:Hybrid.  Half human, half android.  Tends to have conflicting feelings within himself about who he is and the job that he does.  Often is met with prejudice by local authorities, especially Inspector Takemoto because he was involved in an automation incident some time ago.  He feels that Togusa being a hybrid is a liability; because he has free will and a mind of his own, he should not be allow to exist.  Takemoto does not hide his hatred towards Togusa and the Katana.  He even refers to them asMonsters.    However, Togusa-kun is good at what he does.  He hates the fact that Operators are using the androids for thievery.

When he’s not working on a case, he’s at the resident he shares with the other people in his squad cooking and cleaning.  The Swordsmith of the group,Tsukiyama [Oyassan]calls him the “good househusband.”

Togusa other biggest problem (well, not really) isYachiyo [Ane-san].The Kenshi of the group.  She is as wild as they come and can drink you under the table!  She acts like the big sister to Togusa and when he’s feels down or under the pressure of prejudice, she cheers  him up, or give him a dose of fighting spirit!

When it’s time for Togusa to spring into action, he’s one fighting human/machine!  The part that’s Katana comes forth along with his blade and it’s on.  His transformation gives him the abilities to run at lightening speed, super strength and facial markings.

019  Tsukiyama [Oyassan]:The Swordsmith and if I may say so, the Leader of the group. Perhaps because he’s the oldest and have to fill out reports?Oyassan is in charge of keeping the maintenance of  Yachiyo’s android.  When a call comes in for a case, he is the one that takes it and give the information to Togusa and Ane-san. He will spring into action by monitoring Ane-san while she’s out in the field in “android mode” and her body back at the base.

A bit of a free spirit himself, he enjoys a cup of saké after a days’ work and is terrible at the opposite sex!  A female salelady from the grocery store always give him extra meat and he’s not quite sure why… ha!

019a Yachiyo [Ane-san]:The Kenshi.  She is the one that manned the android of the Squad.  She is a goof-up.  LOL  There’s no other way to put.  Will do silly things and at times, outlandish things that will cause trouble for the group like posing in front of the TV cameracrew.  She loves her sake, and will have a cup or two after a case is over.  Ane-san is an experienced and good Kenshi.  When it comes to taking down rogue Operators and their Katana, it’s a no-barr holds kind of fight.  The object is to subdue the Katana and it’s Operator.

Has a soft spot for Togusa when he’s brow-beating himself about who and what he is.  Yachiyo is funny; she is a comic relief in the story and the facial expressions are hilarious.


043 Tsurumaru:The Katana of the group.  Operated by Yachiyo via a  soul transfer.  Tsurumaru has moves and gadgets that makes this Katana friggin’ awesome!  Very tall, long, long hair and freakishly long arms and claws for hands.  Yachiyo handles Tsurumaru with ease.

It’s like being in her own skin the way that she can maneuver the android with precise precision.

This manga is fill with action, great fighting scenes between the andriods and drama.  The storyline is cohesive, well-drawn and will keep your attention.

Everything one would like in an action packed sci-fi manga. 🙂 The more I read, the more I would love to see this work turn into a live action. It would grea-aattt! Totally recommend this read. This manga is subbed byMaigo scans.

Okay then!  This review is a wrap.

Laters! 😉



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