M-Review: Rakshasa Street

Action, Supernatural

Mangaka:  CHEN Xu
Year:  2010
Original Publisher:  U17
Volumes:  73 chapters – Ongoing,
3 Volumes – Formatted (Ongoing)


Rakshasa Street, one of many Requiem Streets is a place where spirits and humans co-exist. Not all humans can enter a Requiem Street, only those who are rare-soul users,  with a guardian spirits may. Xia Ling was just a normal university intern, whom had a chance meeting that changes her ordinary life… In this world full of evil spirits, can she cooperate with her guardian spirit in order to survive?

CAG’s Impressions:

It had me from page 2:


 LOL I really must do a “shoujo” post…  

So!  Was browsing through the latest postings onBatoto,  and the title piqued my interest and “click…”  Since it’s new (what I mean, newly scanlated), there was no info on it, and yet, “click…” again on the link to go further… and here I told myself that I wasn’t gonna add another reading to myalready too-long-of-a-list.  Ha!  I lied.  Seeing that giant samurai-thingy spirit in the background of the magna cover page,  I became “hopelessly drawn in.”   *Spineless CAG*  If it looks interesting, I’m going to give it a “first lookie.”  😉

Anyhoo… Rakshasa Street is originally awebcomic, that’s been formatted into volumes.  Thus, reading is fromleft to right.


Meet our female lead characterXia Ling,a University intern whom woke up late in the morning for her internship at an architectural design firm.  Running, she reached a corner and run directly into a food delivery guy, knocking all the food to the ground.  Instead of stopping to help him, she told him that she was sorry and continue on her way with delivery guy screaming at her dust clouds.  😛   At her desk, she received a strange email from someone who called himselfRare Soul User, Demon Sign San Tong.  He stated that the Kingdom Organizations activities were on the rise and all rare soul users were their prey.  They wanted to kill the rare soul users’ guardian spirit to feed their forces.  He was asking for allies to join in the cause.


A co-worker interrupted her and the email mysteriously disappeared.  Meanwhile, their take out order was deliver, and wouldn’t ya know… it’s the guy that she knocked down and spilled his food order.  After acknowledging one another, he wasn’t nice at all.  He wanted to give her a smack that her mother would’ve gave her and in the next panel, he was flying out the office window!  Ha!  Seems like little quiet looking Xia Ling is rumored to be a champion martial artist.

After work, her boss asked her to do a delivery and on the way, she became lost.  Hearing a Howling noise behind her, she pauses for a moment and then all of a sudden Xia Ling was attack by a sword-wielding samurai-spirit.   There was one, then two, along came a third and then a whole bunch of them appeared.  And all wanted one thing… HER!  She thinks she had walked on a movie set.  On this street that she got lost on, inside a residence, the delivery guy was having his wounds attended by his little brother.  The little brother couldn’t believe that someone was strong enough to injured the older.  They hear the commotion outside and knew it was the enemy and a human too.

As one of the spirits was about to take a chunk out of her leg, it’s shot down by an arrow and Xia Ling looks up to see a boy and a guy on the rooftop.  Jumping, the guy introduced himself:


Cao Yan Bing, Requiem General of Rakshasa Street.

And in the mist of the spirits, he brandished a huge weapon of his own; a huge hammer that set them the spirits on fire.  Cao Yan commenced to fighting the spirits while his little brother sat next to Xia Ling and explained that Cao Yan was the General of Rakshasa Street.  She should have been there because she had just entered hell.  Requiem [Rakshasa] Street attracted the spirits and each Requiem street, had a general that kept things under control.  Cao Yan yelled at his brother to stop chatting up a storm with the Xia Ling.  Xia Ling recognized Cao Yan’s voice — the voice of the delivery guy she tossed out the window.


The two immediately go at it!  LOL  Xia Ling still believes that she’s on a movie set.  While the two argued back and forth, the spirits were stupefied.  Cao Yan pushes her back and prepared himself to go back to fighting because standing in front of the spirits leading them on, appeared to be their General!


I thought this was a pretty good read.  Lots of action, can tell there’ll be some comedic arguing scenes between Xia Ling and Cao Yan becausethey both think the other is a nuisance and the whole supernatural aspect of the storyline.  Right up my ‘reading’ alley.  😉  So if action, the supernatural is your thing, then I totally recommend checking it out.  Is it one for meh to blog on? Well now, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Alright, Okay!  My next review will be on something other than supernatural, devils, creepy chicks.  K?  I’ll try to pull out a shoujo or josei post from the reading list.  Oh Laudy!  😛




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